mama rabbit

2:21 PM

Hello Mama Rabbit! Mama Rabbit is wearing a fur dress from Sparkle Shop, knee high stockings, leopard heels, and random accessories. Got the pearl bracelets from SM Accessories. Actually, it's a mix of necklace and bracelet. I twisted the necklace so I could wear it on my arm too.

Earrings from The Reading Room. Haha, sorry for the picture. It was really hard to show on the lens. XD

And the icing ring I made~ it was a necklace chain but I today decided to wear it as a ring.

I saw this rabbit in a hotel elevator lying on the floor, 8 years back. Mama Rabbit decided to adopt and take care of her and now he's happy and healthy in my arms.

Btw, my sister gave me a Hello Kitty Lip Palette. Can't choose which shade to use so I just blended the three of them on my lips! XD

Hope you like it!

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