What's on my table? Eyelashes

Beauty lashes

When I got these pretty eyelashes, I didn't have any idea how they stick on the skin. Yes, literally zero knowledge about falsies. I tried using the glue included but it was a fail. u_u

So I bought a special glue in a boutique, it was quite expensive but the cute little bottle convinced me. Tried, and still... failed! Haha, then I ask my mom how. She said I have to wait around 5 minutes for the glue to settle first before putting that prettiest little thing on the lids. And it worked! Yeah, finally~

 Just look at how pretty falsies are, they totally enhance your eyes! Here's a closer look:

I used that for my shoot in this blog entry.

I used this one for Little Red Riding Hood and Blue Bird entries:

Let's take a closer look:

I haven't used the net lashes in my shoots yet, but here's a sample:

And of course, the last would be my most favorite falsies~~

This is definitely my favorite! Dramatic eyes~ I'll be using it for my next shoot! Yay! So excited!
Btw, I was also wearing GEO Contact lens in brown.

For those who want to try false eyelashes, here are steps:

1. Trim the false eyelashes first to your desired length.
2. Apply glue on the false eyelashes and wait for about 5-10 minutes.
3. Curl your real eyelashes.
4. Take false eyelash and press on to your eyelid.
5. Put on some makeup and liquid eyeliner for touch up.
6. Apply mascara (this is optional).
Well, better not, so you could still use the lashes next time.
7. There! You're all set! Hello bright eyes~

For more tutorials, you can always search for demos at youtube :3

Little Red Riding Hood

My overused hoodie from Mango! Haha it’s raining hard nowadays. The Rienda ponytail was a Japanese Magazine freebie~

And the shoes are so lovely~

Yesterday I was so happy to find a porcelain doll on a thrift shop near our house ^^
It’s a Christmas Special Edition 1991 doll named Karen (but I changed it to Maisie), she has a short blonde hair and is wearing a red cape with hood. Still in a box and in very good condition. Haha I'm so lucky~

Advance Happy Christmas!! XD

Going back in time: Victorian Dolls

Porcelain dolls continue to be a popular collector's item. Collecting them is a charming hobby and gives me an opportunity to have beautiful stuff at home. Until now, I still love the looks of these collectible beautiful porcelain dolls. Here they are:

What's on my table? All sweet things

Yummy things are yummy. I had food on my table all day~ I eat ballpen, mirrors, and memo pads. Here are some of my 'edible' collection I gathered from different stores throughout the year.

Talking to myself

Wee~ another photo blog! Thank you everyone for the nice comments from my past blogs. Didn’t expect to receive lots of good comments from you guys! I got this uber nice pull over stripped topdress from Mango.

What's on my table? Maruko-Chan!

Wee~~ I'm a big fan of Chibi Maruko-Chan! For those who are not familiar with it, it's a manga series that is later adapted in anime series. Havent watch all episodes of the anime yet but I really love the Live Action and the actress Morisako Eri. I have a copy of the DVD~ And last year, I was so surprised to see a Maruko-Chan sling bag at SM Department Store. Of course, I bought it. The problem is - I cannot use it outdoors cause the compartment is too small for my things. :c