soon i'll say goodbye

11 days to go before I turn 22. I hate growing old physically. I want to live as young and fashionable as possible. XD

Wearing Sparkle Shop fur coat, Onion Laundry blouse, black knitted leggings and brown boots both from Sparkle Shop.

It's on 10.10.10. I wish I can send a promissory note to God to move the date. I want to stay 21 forever. Haha.

cant nobody hold us down

yes, LSS on 2ne1’s album. I’m not a fan of their new songs but I love 2ne1~

I'm wearing a knitted dress from Sparkle Shop, oh I just love knitted dresses! Im so glad I can use them now again. I forgot where I got those stockings haha but miraculously, they are still alive! Most of my stockings are disposable, meaning, they got torn after wearing them.

I'm wearing my Elegance shoes, they're so gorgeous but too high! And not good for long hours of wearing.

Accessories from Girl Shoppe. Wee~ I love Autumn!

Filipino Franchise Show

This photo was taken at the Filipino Franchise Show last September 16 at the World Trade Center. It was fun and exciting to discover a lot of participants this year. It just shows that Filipino Entrepreneurs are boosting up for business.

Glad to know that many Filipinos are successful in their businesses.

mama rabbit

Hello Mama Rabbit! Mama Rabbit is wearing a fur dress from Sparkle Shop, knee high stockings, leopard heels, and random accessories. Got the pearl bracelets from SM Accessories. Actually, it's a mix of necklace and bracelet. I twisted the necklace so I could wear it on my arm too.

Earrings from The Reading Room. Haha, sorry for the picture. It was really hard to show on the lens. XD

And the icing ring I made~ it was a necklace chain but I today decided to wear it as a ring.

I saw this rabbit in a hotel elevator lying on the floor, 8 years back. Mama Rabbit decided to adopt and take care of her and now he's happy and healthy in my arms.

Btw, my sister gave me a Hello Kitty Lip Palette. Can't choose which shade to use so I just blended the three of them on my lips! XD

Hope you like it!

not this time

Time for a change. I've noticed that most of my recent posts are so girly so here’s the fierce side of me~

 Got that awesome shirt from Folded & Hung and the leggings from my shop. Also wearing my favorite shoes. It my favorite cause it's size 6 but it fits me well (I'm size 7) :D

 Accessories from Girl Shoppe. Those chain necklaces and the crystal bangle are super cool aren't they? Haha I'm a big fan of burloloys.

I'm wearing heavy eye makeup for the rocker look haha. It looks so scary XD so I just toned down my lipstick shade.

So comfortable to wear, so happy I have those outfits :D

Homework is no fun

This is a very busy week plus I have a new puppy to take care of. He eats a lot and plays with my cats :D

I'm not a school girl anymore, I just miss school so much! I miss my baon, my classmates and the easy life~ haha.. Now I have to earn for myself and work hard.

I love this red plaid blouse cause it's so cute! I have a similar item in Sparkle Shop last year and it was sold out!

Skirt designed by yours truly, Carizza Chua.

It was the same blouse in the Sparkle Shop catalog before (which I think will be available soon again):

Ok, have to get back to work now! Jaa~

darker days

It's my geeky rocker look. This is the outfit I wore last September 2, 2010. Saw this blouse at the bazaar and bought it cause I have a similar blouse in apricot. The removable chain from that blouse is awesome!

Giorgio Armani  glasses borrowed from my boyfriend and the customized DSLR camera necklace. Oh, we forgot to take a shot of that pretty camera necklace. 

I super love these boots but they're not comfy to wear for long hours. It looks great, anyway. :)

Photos by Ericson de Guzman


I, the owner of Sparkle Shop and this blog, will be celebrating her 22nd birthday on 10.10.10! And with that, I've decided to open up a contest. One lucky lady can bring home this lovely pink bear hoodie + shorts!


bear fur hoodie and shorts
Weight: 0.45kg

Shoulder: 37cm
Bust: 32-35
Sleeve Length: 55cm
Length: 54cm

Length: 25cm
Waist: 25-28cm (stretchable)

Here’s the contest mechanics on how you can join!

   1. This contest is open to all ladies residing in the Philippines.
   2. Follow / Like at least one my accounts (or all!):


   3. For bloggers, make a blog about this contest and include a link to and

       For Twitter, tag @carizzachua and mention this contest on your post

       For Facebook, LIKE the Promo picture posted on

       and tag at least 5 of your friends.

   4. Comment on this post with your:

       ♦ Full name
       ♦ Email address
       ♦ A link to either your blog / twitter / facebook account
       ♦ Comment / Suggestion / Birthday Message

Contest closes on October 9, 2010 and the winner will be chosen by a randomizer. An announcement will be posted on October 11, 2010. The lucky winner will receive a notification email.

Pretty easy right? Hope everyone will join :D Good luck!

Happy Birthday!

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday yesterday.Went to GH for shopping, ate at CPK and Cheesecakes, etc. Here's the outfit I wore before the said date:

The black pullover is a little bit big for me ^_^ but it's so cute! It's from Sparkle Shop~
And the red hairclip I wore was also cute!

I was wearing falsies ♡ and here's the mini laptop necklace charm!

The weather was fine, there were slight rains, and everything was great except for my shoes and the cab. :s