winding road

Went to Binangonan Rizal just to get my mom's phone at the rest house. I'm wearing a knitted hoodie top, black pants and boots from Sparkle Shop.. with my ice cream necklace :)

What's on my table: Daily makeup

Aside from a nasty pimple, saggy and dark circles are also a big problem for me. I've tried a lot of products already but nothing really works. Look at my eyes without makeup:

 Last week, I've visited Etude House at SM Megamall to check out some products and I found this cute item at the store - Goodbye Dark Circle Eye Patch:

I've bought 3 pairs. Haven't bought their eye cream yet cause I'm still using Garnier (which is not effective for me). It's eye patch time~

The hydrogel eye patches make my undereye area look firm when applied. After 3 consecutive days of use, there are no visible improvement. Well, honestly, after removing the patch it goes back to normal saggy eyebags and I do find it useless, but recently I found out that it's a best stress reliever together with ice cubes or cold eye mask. Put it on every night and remove it when  you wake up. It gives a refreshing feeling. I would definitely buy more patches!

Now let's go to makeup. With a little help from Revlon Colorstay Concealer, these pesky imperfections can be blended away~ Dot a little with the applicator and blend it with your fingertips.

Now let's move on to the next product, it's Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact. I got this one from their Grand Launching Event:

I really love this one! I was really amazed how it settled on my skin and it holds out my oiliness very well too - for long hours! By using this product, I dont have to use my Revlon Mineral Foundation anymore~

I only use this Mineral foundation for work. My skin needs to breathe from time to time so I wont use this one for now.

I dont use lipstick or blushes for everyday look. My lips turn violet whenever I'm cold so I have to put something on my lips - BUT NOT LIPSTICK please! A tint! A tint would be fine~ I use Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint:

It doesnt taste good LOL but I love the color.

I also use Etude House Creamy Peach Chou Lotion together with Fruits & Passion Georgia Peach Perfume - I soo love the fruity scent!

That's it for now! Hope you like it~

Etude House: Grand Launch Party

Yey, we got an invitation from Etude House, the day after my interview at their company haha. It was their Grand Launch Party at Republiq in Resorts World. It was my first time to go there actually :)

At first, I got disappointed cause I've heard that dslr cameras are not allowed inside. That was super sad, then we saw Sir Azrael at the event and he said it was all right to use dslr cameras and he borrowed my cam to take a photo of us :D

While waiting for the party to start






Wearing a bow dress from Sparkle Shop, white stocking I got from the Department Store - Kid's Section (good for 7-12 yrs old hahaha) and pink crocs.

A photo with a friend, Elizabeth More at the lobby:

Pillows we got from the event. Those were not goodies, my friend just asked the staff if we could get it and they said ok. :D Thank you Etude!

The goodie bag :D

My invitation

With the goodie bag, pillows from the event, a chance to seat on Summit Media's table, eat their foods, and friends, I could say that I enjoyed the night :)

Thunderbird Resort

Last weekend, we went to Thunderbird Resort in Binangonan Rizal. The first room we got was a bit disappointing. It's the last room on the left and when you look outside the window, you'll see construction workers in action. And there's a big stain on the floor. Take a look at it:

The second room we requested was located at the back. We wanted a view at the pool, and the door key was not working so we requested for another room. After that, we walked around the resort...

Views at night:


It has a Fiesta Casino at the back, Koi Restaurant, a bar at the pool side and a golf course to which guests have access. It was a peaceful and beautiful place. We enjoyed our 2-day stay at the resort! To visit their website, click here.

Sparkle Shop - Japanese Fashion Invasion

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