Christmas is in the air~

The crowd can really alter the Christmas spirit. Most people are at the mall for their Christmas shopping. And me? Ohh I hate crowds so I just stayed at home all day (actually since Black Friday). I ate half gallon of Kitkat ice cream and drank my favorite Moo drink. I think that's the best way to avoid the crazy people. With this, I was also able to save my money~

Still, it didn't stop me from being fashionable. Instead of wearing the usual pj's at home, I wore my favorite bow sweater and knitted beanie with pompom~ both from Sparkle Shop!

I'm planning to do my Christmas shopping next week, prolly in the morning. I'd be visiting tiangge and bazaars around Manila. Hopefully, there would be no snatchers or holdappers around. I'm excited! Mukya~

No more crying, baby~

A wonderful camwhoring morning with one of my favorite porcelain dolls, Caroline. It was 5 in the morning when I thought of taking her out of the glass cabinet.


Arms and legs are articulated. Im planning to buy baby clothes for her this Christmas.

Oh, look at that sad face... she's about to cry!

A close up shot

Oh~ time to go to the office...

 Inner Turtleneck Top: K o Ko Collection
Outer Knitted Top: Forever 21
Burberry Headband: Bazaar

Ok time to go, don't want to be late again for work. Mom says I still act like a kid. I'm sorry!

My Bag a Schu Bag Prize

Ok, for those who do not know, I won the 1st place for the Bag a Schu Bag contest at

I claimed my bag at the Schu outlet in Ayala after work. I preferred getting the bag after work since the ambiance of the store is better at night. I took some photos while waiting for my bag~

And look how many stocks they have there!


 Here's kuya, preparing my item~


And some photos with the staff

I would like to thank the staff for being cooperative and very accommodating. I haven't used my bag yet but as I inspect, the bag is made of synthetic leather and has a good quality material especially with the inner lining. I'm so excited to use my bag tomorrow~

Thank you Schu for this great opportunity to grab a Schu bag! Thanks also for the people who have supported and liked my entry for this contest!

Mr. Gingerbread Man~

15 hours. I work 15 hours in a day since last week. Not healthy anymore, eh? It's because I work in the office as a web designer from 8am til 6pm while managing my online shop. Then, I do book illustrations as I get home and will prolly finish it by around 3 or 4am. So stressed but I love my work.

Top Dress: Sparkle Shop
Shorts: Somewhere in Greenhills
Tights: Forever 21
Boots: Forever 21

Oh~ doing children's books is my dream~ I started with the Gingerbread Man but I wasn't  familiar with the story. Lol. There was a part where the Gingerbread man supposedly jumped from the tray and ran away from Grandma, I drew a scene like Gingerbreadman waving goodbye to a smiling grandma XD

 Haha~ I was making up my own story. I just asked for the storyline from Ms. Shiny, my korean supervisor, so that the illustrations and the character's expressions would be accurate. Ms. Shiny didn't get mad or anything. In fact, she encouraged me more like saying: "Cheer up and keep your energies high! ^^ "

The people around me are just so supportive. I'm so thankful they've sprinkled me with love and care. I hope you do too :3


It means "Thank you" in Chuvash Russia. I wanna say thanks to all people who have supported and followed my blog for the past 4 months. Had a random photoshoot last Saturday with my college friends. It was also Kisho's birthday celebration so I was able to meet one of her high school friends / Sparkle Shop client. More photos to come!

Blazer: Sparkle Shop
Blouse: Rider Jeans
Boots: Sparkle Shop
Head Dress: Camp John Hay

Sweet Impact

what you feel, what you see, 耀いてる あなたの愛 触れたとき
Lady Love 目覚め 私は今 生まれ変わる Woah…

Wore this outfit on a lovely Saturday~ It was my boyfriend's sister's bithday celebration and we ate at Fish and Co. 

The pink blazer I was waiting for finally arrived! I'm really in love with it, and might wear it often now. Im so into pink recently~ Spotted a pink cute blouse at Trinoma and bought it without fitting the item first! It has an intricate lace design with pearl beads. The inner dress was just random cause I can't decide what skirt would match my cutesy outfit. Look closely at my head dress! Isn't it cute? Bought it online at Dorotee Sweetlips. She has a lot of lolita and gothic products for sale.

Blazer: Sparkle Shop
Blouse: Genevieve Gozum (Trinoma)
Dress: Sparkle Shop
Head dress: Dorotee Sweetlips