Etude Time: Be my Valentine Event Day 2

5:29 PM

Day 2 for Be my Valentine event at SM North The Block. It was a Sunday so we were expecting more customers to come. Morning photo first in front of the store:

Mr. Pluffy finally replaced their broken machine and started making cotton candies!

Another successful day! We were able to fill the white board with makeover photos!

Hope all princes and princesses had fun! Thank you for visiting our store and purchasing our products. See us again next time~ kyaa~

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  1. *new follower*
    Hiya, found your blog via lookbook. You've a really cute blog and some very cool outfits, so I'm now a follower and hope to see more of your outfit shots (and reviews).
    You work for Etude House? How cool!

  2. thank you! from what country are you? :)

  3. Well, I'm from Malaysia, but now in UK (which means I can no longer access Etude House awww...) :)