Field trip!

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Yey! We joined Adi's 1st family field trip last January 28, 2011. Woohoo! Our destination is at Subic, Pampanga. Our first stop: San Guillermo Church, Bacolor Pampanga.

This is one of the oldest and biggest church in the Philippines. Years back, it was destroyed by an earthquake and lahar from Mt. Pinatubo when it erupted. The lahar buried the church by 12 meters high. 

Adi's class picture

Our next stop is at Magellan's Maritime Museum

And of course, Ocean Adventure!!!

First show was The Adventures of Olongapo Jones. This is the newest act at Ocean Adventure. This show is full of energy and acrobats! It's about Olongapo Jones'search for the Bouncing Basura Boys with the help of his Eco-Ranger friends Pawee (Turtle) and Leila (Dolphin).

I must say that this show is the best of all. They didn't use any animals for the act but they delivered it well with full of learning and excitement. Here's a photo when Olongapo Jones and his friends caught the Bouncing Basura Boys:

And a photo of this cute little shy guy while Olongapo Jones was trying to interview him:

Next is the Sea Lion Show..

Poor Kai, the senior sea lion in Ocean Adventure, where at his age, is still performing tricks for the show. He has some scratches at the back. I think he needs a rest.

Next is the Dolphin Show:

This show gives information and conservation message about the dolphins but after watching this, I thought, "They should be returned to the ocean." The people are enjoying the show but I don't think the dolphins do.

They look like they're having fun but they should be brought back to the ocean, play freely and live their lives the way they should be.

Next is the Wild Side Show where they taught the people how to live in the forest. I was really amazed with the Aeta on how he created fire from bamboos in less than a minute!

And lastly, the Ocean Discovery Aquarium:

Almost the same with Manila Ocean Park hehe. That's all! We all had fun and sulit bonding moment. :)

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  1. Thanks so much for the tour :)
    Looks so fun.. I miss school field trips :/

  2. yah i missed field trips too that why we joined these kids!

  3. this is a cute post.
    and yes I do hope those animals can get returned to the wild one day. Its no life for an animal if they are going to get scratches and damages on their body... :(