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Love taking cute pictures? Why not make it more kawaii? Make all your photos snappin' dreams and fantasies come to life.

PuriCute is a FREE online purikura website where you can embellish your photos with a wide variety of kawaii graphics and even texts! This is very popular in different Asian countries especially in Japan.

In Japan, purikura (プリクラ?)  refers to a photo sticker booth or the product of such a photo booth. The name is a shortened form of the a registered trademark Purinto Kurabu (プリント倶楽部?). The term derives from the English print club. Jointly developed by Atlus and Sega, the first purikura  machines were sold in July 1995. (Taken from Wikipedia)

Here are some of my PuriCute photos:

How do I create a PuriCute Pic?

1. After signing up, click on the pink "Create Puricute" button on top.
2. Hit the "Browse" button and select a photo to upload.
3. Choose from our frames and stamps to make your photo super cute!
4. Resize, soften or position your photo.
5. Hit the "Publish Photo" button (the blue button with the check mark).

You can post it in different social networking sites too! Why be normal cute when you can be PuriCute!

Visit their website: http://www.puricute.com

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  1. Pictures are wayyyyy cute :3
    I've played around on this site awhile back too xD hehe

  2. yep, and you don't have to go to purikura/neoprints anymore. you can play around online without time limit too!