Stamp me vintage.

Im loving printed leggings lately. Haha. Didn’t know lace x printed leggings will rock together :)

Lace blouse: Sparkle Shop
Printed Leggings: Sparkle Shop
Shoes: Parisian
Chain Necklace: GirlShoppe
Bangle: Forever 21

Here's a another look for my accessories:

Wee~ I'll be a volunteer for a special event tomorrow and on Sunday. So it means no weekends for me. Hope to see you there!


Grysh Co said...

I so love your outfit girl :)

lace x leggings totally rocked! :D I didn;t know that either. xD

Tifa Mai said...

I love your leggings!!! But love the fact more that you paired it with a cute lace top. :) It looks quite well actually, I agree with you. Hehe who knew!! :)

Carizza Chua said...

thanks tifa!