Etude House: Goodbye Dark Circles

7:26 PM

Sleeping late at night, bad eating habits, not drinking 8 glasses of water, and not wearing sun protection for my eyes are some of my unfortunate bad habits that leads to dark and saggy eyebags. That's my no. 1 face problem and I have tried almost everything to cure it but no product has given me satisfaction yet.

While checking out Etude House's store at Cubao, I came accross this product and the cute packaging (again -__-;) convinced me to purchase it.

The active ingredients in this product are broccoli, green coffee and slim tea complex. Brocolli is known for its Vitamin K which helps blood circulation. I've read before that teabags and coffee are good anti-oxidants and can prevent eyebags too. Hope that these 3 ingredients in Goodbye Dark Circles will work for me.

I apply a pea sized amount of this eye cream around the eye area after using Etude House's Minisize U toner. Massage the cream gently in circular motion until the cream is completely absorbed and dont put too much pressure.

The cream dries quickly and not greasy too. I've noticed that my eyes are less stress-looking, less saggy but the dark circles are still there. I've only used this product for 5 days so there are no dramatic changes yet but I'm expecting, of course, my dark circles would lighten in a month with continuous use. 
Remember to sleep 8 hours a day and drink 8 glasses of water too! Will give an update after a week :)

For a better result, also use Goodbye Dark Circle Eye Patch found here!

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  1. yeap, my bf is using the minisize u and he likes the effects :D

  2. ughhh i miss etude house!

    lemme know what happens to your dark circlesss aight? :D

  3. Nice! want to try this too :D please give me some updates about this :D progress and it's look :D no picture needed Carizza just some description will do already XDD how long does it takes on those changes :D

  4. will do :) but there are no drastic changes yet. the minisize u product line is really effective btw :)

  5. carizza, is the etude goodbye dark circles effective? is there a dramatic change now?

  6. im sorry i dont use this often and ive been sleeping late for these past few days, I'll give a feedback after a month :)