Welcome to the family, Princess Fiona!

Bought another porcelain doll today and we named her Princess Fiona! She's 30 inches tall, head, hand and legs are articulated, and comes with a doll stand. Yay for poseable cute little girl by Kathy Smith Flizpatrick

Alice, Caroline and Dumpling welcomed her with a small photoshoot:

 Princess Fiona and her pet dog.

Holding hands with my new friend.

Alice: "Can I give you a hug?"

Caroline: "Me wants to give you a big hug too!"

Welcome to our family, Princess Fiona!!!


Carizza Chua said...

from the internet! :)

Lora-chan said...

aww they are all so cute ^^, where did you buy hem? I always want to have one for myself. ^^,

Carizza Chua said...

hihi but mom wants to dispatch them now, they cant fit inside the glass cabinet na kasi huhu

jajaneko said...

ang lalaki nilaaaaa.. so inggit! <3