Etude House: Sign. Sealed. Delivered. Im Yours!

11:48 AM

Yet another sweet promo from Etude House! This holiday season, you’ve got the future in your hands! Which Etude House product do you desire the most? Sign, Seal and Deliver your wishes to Etude House Christmas Fairy, and she might just will it to be yours!;) 

Simply write a letter addressed to Christmas Fairy [Etude House Girl], indicating specifically why you love this one (1) Etude House product that you want to receive this holiday. Just like praying for your favorite toy to Santa!


Dear Christmas Fairy, 

I’m so ecstatic every holiday season; this is a great time for festivities with my family and friends. In line with this, I always have a wish list in my pocket that I always want to complete before the year ends. First from my list is from my favorite Korean skin care line – Etude House. It would be great if I’ll have a Missing U Hand Cream #2 Honey Bee. I find it so cute!! I would love to have it on my bag this season and maybe until 2012 for I really love the scent and moisture it provides on my skin. 

Jasmine Cruz 

  • Entries must be 200 WORDS OR LESS. 
  • Duration of the Promo is from November 28 – December 22, 2011 
  • Two (2) winners will be picked every week, and will win the item they wished for. 
  • Submission of entries is from November 28, 12NN - December 22, 12NN

Cut-Off of Entries:

  • 1st Draw: December 1, 2011 (12NN)
    Announcement: December 2, 2011 
  • 2nd Draw: December 8, 2011 (12NN)
    Announcement: December 9, 2011 
  • 3rd Draw: December 15, 2011 (12NN)
    Announcement: December 16, 2011 
  • 4th Draw: December 22, 2011 (12NN)
    Announcement: December 23, 2011 

All entries should be posted in the Etude House Philippines Facebook Wall and also must be sent via e-mail to [].

Please don’t forget to follow the ff. format when sending your letter via e-mail:
Contact Number: 
Nearest Etude House Branch: 

  • Only one (1) entry per person PER CUT-OFF will be acknowledged. Multiple entry submissions will be disqualified. 
  • All invalid entries will be deleted in our Facebook wall. 
  • Each entry will be significantly evaluated and screened by the Etude House Team. The more personal and/or creative, the better! 

Good luck everyone! I might send my entry soon too. Hope your Etude House product wish will be granted :D

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