What's on my table? Etude House Moistfull Masks

1:01 PM

Freebies! Everybody loves freebies! That's what I've got from my previous purchase from Etude House. What's inside? A cutout face shaped sheet mask with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. It's pre-soaked in Moistfull essence to make skin soft and moisted.

Use it before bedtime. Allow it to sink into skin for 10-20 minutes. The mask feels amazing on skin. I swear, it will definitely make your skin smooth and younger looking in an instant! You'll wake up in the morning feeling soft and fresh. I would love to try more of their facial masks.

There are many available face masks with difference essence in it depending on your needs. Visit the nearest Etude House Philippines shore now and buy these affordable face masks!

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  1. I LOVE face mask but never tried it from etude house before! I bet its really awesome since their products are fantastic!! :3

  2. I wish they sold in India too :\ I have never used a face mask in my life :Pbtw haha
    Hey it would be so nice if you checked out my 2 new posts. One is about Polka nails and other is a surprise :Dhttp://fictitious-fashion.blogspot.com/Akanksha

  3. oh hope you can order etude house products online.  :)

  4. we dont have these before til etude house and other korean face masks came.