Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival Presscon

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Because of the successful Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival last February 18, 2011, it left the audience clamoring for more. The good news is they'd be doing it again next year from March 2-4, 2011! With this, they held a presscon last December 2 at Sofitel Plaza, Davao Function Room.

Different guests, journalists, and people from the embassy and tourism group filled the venue.

The time has come to start preparing for 2012. Miro Grgic, the Croatian President of Volume Unit Entertainment, the company behind Malasimbo, believes strongly in one-upping his performance from 2011’s initiative. “It is so important for us to show how beautiful this country is – the Philippines has become my home since moving here in 2010. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, I am Filipino! We are some of the most talented musicians in the world; it’s time the world knew just how talented.” As such, Volume Unit Entertainment seeks to provide awareness on the country’s nature conservation through the best format possible – engaging, compelling, ethereal music, featuring both local and international musical acts. In fact, thanks to the success of 2011’s Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival, the Department of Tourism has included Volume Unit Entertainment’s multi-festival initiatives as part of its 2012 eco-cultural tourism plans. In addition, corporate partners such as Royal Cargo, Nestlé, UNDP, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary and Lafarge have pledged their support for the festival. Moreover, Hubbert Dolor, Mayor of Puerto Galera, is strongly behind the endeavor as well.

Mr. Yukio Nagahama of Japan embassy discussed about the LGU and CECAM project for the better conservation of the bay.

This year, the organizers will improve on the first Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival with more musical and visual artists. Headlining the entire musical group is 69 year old Joe Bataan, the African-American-Filipino king of Latin soul from New York City. He is also the creator of one of the most prominent disco labels, Salsoul Records, a word and genre coined by the musician himself by combining salsa and soul. One of Bataan’s best albums on Salsoul records was “Afrofilipino.” Although he has never visited the Philippines, the home country of his father, Bataan was always clear on his heritage – he is proud to be Pinoy. This Malasimbo 2012, Bataan will set foot in the country for the first time in his life, and will perform some of his best-beloved songs as a true musical pioneer and a true-blue Filipino. Bataan  is also the father of Asia Nitollano, the winner of the Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. Obviously, music runs in this family’s blood, and in March 2012 the country will finally welcome home its prodigal son, and revel in the talent of Joe Bataan, in a first for the country and a first in this musical father’s long life.

Leira Pagaspas was present at the press con. She was sitting on the other table so we didn't had a lot of time to chat.

The best thing here is the three course meal we had for lunch! I love the Black Pepper Tuna Sashimi Salad!Our main dish was Roasted Chicken breast with Pasta and Vegetable side dish. I wasn't able to finish mine cause it was too big! And lastly, the Buko Pandan Cake with Chocolate Slice on Top. Heavy meal was really heavy.

After the presscon, I got a chance to take a photo with Billy Bonnevie. He's one of the visual artists, who had a long experience dealing with the Mangyans, to be present on Malasimbo 2012.

And here's a video of another visual artist's performance to give us an idea of what to expect at Malasimbo 2012:

Wow, I would love to go!!! Free tickets, anyone? The artists will supplement and complement the natural beauty of Mt. Malasimbo with their gorgeous art installations, providing entertainment for your eyes while you’re serenaded by entertainment for your ears by Joe Bataan and other musical geniuses. Hope to see you there!

Tickets for the 2012 Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival may be reserved by emailing More information is available at For media inquiries, contact Ana Warren González at or +63 (917) 826-2433 or +63 (2) 506-4131.


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  1. wow, that seems to be a really great festival! Your blog is great! Following you now :)

  2. thanks dear. i hope i could come to the festival next year!

  3. I'm glad that they are working on really amazing projects to continue promoting the Philippines! :D  We're finally levelling up with all these festivals that are being supported well by great organizers! :)