Wild Brownies at Bloggers United 2

1:48 PM

Hurray for another successful event for Bloggers United 2! Different bloggers joined together to sell their personal things to everyone~ They held it on a bigger venue at Treston Internation College gym. It was quite hard to get there, but there's Mr. Cab anyways.

 Uhh.. Etude House Mini Me - look a like umbrellas?

My sister also registered at RIO MINTS booth. We got free candies when we Liked their Facebook Fanpage on the spot!

My favorite booths are from Patricia Prieto, Soule Phenomenon, Joanna Ladrido, and Divine Lee! And I noticed, every corner has Camille Co's photo! There are a lot of freebies from different sponsors like Oishi, Multiply, and Nivea.

Here's my outfit for the event:

I've decided to wear my leopard top with sheer sleeves and fur boots from Sparkle Shop for a hot and wild Saturday. Must be inspired with the Malasimbo and Haribon projects I've attended lately.

Fur boots have been so friendly to me lately. They lasted for seven hour shopping today! I've bought something at Shop @ The Fort by the way and I am really excited to use it for a photoshoot! Yay!

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  1. nice. i wish i was able to come to that event.  next time though.
    nice boots, dear!


  2. yeah you have to! bazaars are super fun especially this christmas season :) see you soon!

  3. hey there! looks like bloggers united 2 was really fun. sayang hindi ako nakapunta.
    anyway, like ur leopard print top, bongga! :]

  4. We werent able to take photos together! ;/ But thank you so much for coming! :) Till next BU!!

  5. onga eh huhu i got carried away and forgot about some photos :/