Etude Time at SM North EDSA

Another sweet promo to watch out for at Etude House SM North EDSA:

See you there!

Makeup Application Step 2: Etude House BB Magic Cream (Refresh)

I already switched from liquid foundation to BB cream for everyday use. I need a good coverage for my pores but I can't wear foundation the whole week or I'll get breakouts. So now, I'll be using a lighter one. BB Cream.

Etude House BB Magic Cream (Refresh)

It comes in a 35ml pump packaging with cap. It's only P548.00, really affordable isnt it? This BB cream provides a natural looking coverage (perfect for the no makeup look!) and good for oily skin. After applying concealer, I put a small amount of this product to my finger and spread evenly on my face.

The cream may appear whiter than your natural skin tone upon application but will eventually blend in once the cream is dry and set.

It makes the skin looks poreless and glowing but wont cover blemishes and dark spots. A blemish concealer will be responsible for that. The one that I am using doesnt contain any SPF, they have a specific BB cream that has SPF and is more expensive. I would love to try that when I'm done with this one.

And Etude House will be having an event very soon, so watch out for that!

Makeup Application Step 1: Revlon Colorstay Undereye Concealer

I've been trying a lot of concealers that give a better coverage. After using Revlon Blemish Concealer, I've decided to use the right concealer for eyebags:

Revlon Colorstay Undereye Concealer

The concealer comes in a 1.18ml tube with a sponge-tip slanted wand. Easy to blend, long wearing, and don't rub off unless you use a makeup remover. Perfect for the workaholic me.

It contains an SPF 15, so it protects the thin skin under my eyes from the sun.

What I like with this product is that, it's oil-free. Liquid concealers are the best for not containing oil in it.

I apply this concealer first before I put on BB cream/foundation since it's easier to blend on a makeup free skin. And besides, concealers create blotches when I apply BB cream/foundation first. I use my finger to pat it in and sets in seconds.

For total coverage, I use a powdered concealer all over the eyebags to set it. I'll blog on the next steps later on.

When will Summer come?

Everybody's catching a cold. I miss summer, and now I realize the importance of the heat of the sun. Let's get summery for today!

I love florals so much and this dress is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so not feeling well right now, and to top it off I am worried about Oro-Chan. Remember Oro-chan, my 2 week old orphaned kitten? He drinks a lot of milk but he doesn't know how to poop T_T

I know kittens need to be stimulated in order for them to pee/poo. I've tried the tricks I got over the internet but nothing works. I guess I have to try again later when I get home. Now, I'd like to end this post with his photos:

Oh, we need to visit the vet too as soon as possible.

The Orphan

Today is playtime with my porcelain dolls. So I guess I have to dress up like them too? Here's my doll transformation. 


Stockings: SM Department Store
Ring: Forever 21
Hat: from bazaar

It was a perfect playtime with my most favorite and oldest doll, Jesse.


This morning, me and my sister went to the nearby BDO ATM to withdraw money. And to our surprise, there was a kitty sleeping silently inside the room! He was really cute, clean and chubby, that we thought someone (or his mommy) is taking care of him and just left him inside for a while.

When we left, the guard from the bank saw him and kicked him out! D: /howcruel
So we hurried back and decided to adopt him. We named him Oro-Chan~ Short for Banco de Oro.

Isn't he cute? I guess he's only 1-2 weeks old. I was worried cause he didn't know how to eat (will he survive? :s). My sister helped me and now he learned how to drink milk not from a mommy kitty, but from my sister's pinky!

After Christmas

Holidays are over. Now, I need to lose weight as I cannot move fast anymore.

Dress: Sparkle Shop
Straw Hat: Department Store
Ring: SM Department Store
Bracelet: Mom's
Lace Belt: DIY

This was shot in our rest house in Binangonan, Rizal. We brought our things and food there from Cubao. Wasn't able to bring my fashion accessories, I just wore whatever things I saw around the room that matched my polka dot dress.

Mom uses that straw hat when she's gardening and I used it for today's look. It's not amoy-lupa anyway :)
I saw that bracelet in my mom's drawer and I wore it without even asking for permission. Haha. And the red lace belt is actually a cake box ribbon hahahahaha. Resourceful!

Happy New Year!

Usagi year! Happy 2011 to all~ hope you had a blast yesterday. I'm not feeling well since yesterday.. What a good way to start the year :s but still I managed to take a photo of myself.

Sweatshirt: Sparkle Shop
Beanie: Sparkle Shop
Bedroom Slippers: SM Department Stores
Bow Ring: Forever 21