Bloggers United: Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair

WHAT: Bloggers United: An Interactive Shopping Affair
Calling all bloggers! Manila’s biggest blogger yard sale evaaah!
WHEN: May 27, 2011 (Friday) | 10am till night!
WHERE: 32nd - 33rd Flr, THE LOUNGE, Malayan Plaza Hotel
Venue is right in front of Podium! Walking distance from SM Megamall! Park at the Podium parking area (P45 flat rate) or at the open space parking near Podium/St.Francis Square then just walk across!
ENTRANCE FEE: P100 BUT reduce it to P50 by bringing school supplies / old dictionaries for K.I.D.S. Foundation!
Get to meet Manila’s top and most influential fashion bloggers (see participants here)! Mingle with fellow bloggers and let’s take lots of photos! It’s one-stop shopping express for a good cause. And oh, it’s a one day event only so mark your calendars!
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Review: Le Faerie Oil Control Gel

Le Faerie Oil Control Gel

Say goodbye to oily face! This product is a must-add to your daily routine this summer time, especially if you have oily skin~

My oily skin used to be out of control especially when I'm stressed at work. I tried using this product this morning and up to now my face is still oil-free! I am so amazed.

I applied a small amount on my face, especially on the T-zone. It is a colorless gel that is quickly absorbed in my skin. Good thing about this product is that it is scent-free.

Retail Price: P650
Would I purchase this product again: Definitely YES. I need this in my life.

Taco Bell: Affordabells for only P39!

Wow~Another amazing offer from Taco Bell! Taco Bell is one of my most favorite fast food restaurants here in the Philippines. My favorite taco and burrito is now only P39 each! So affordable isn't it?

Also try this:

And get a FREE Tropicana Twister with every Taco Salad purchase.

Spread the Mexi-food love!

A day with Bachendorff

Dress: Sparkle Shop
Shoes: Janilyn
Accessories: Aldo
Violin: Bachendorff

It was Bachendorff's first time to the south. We did the shoot at my boyfriend's studio. Forgot to bring some of my stuff so I borrowed accessories from my boyfriend's sister too *thank you*

Thank you Eton de Guzman for these wonderful shoot! I'm still learning how to play the violin and I should say that the violin is a very hard instrument to master! I've always wanted to play like a pro haha

Click on the link below to see the whole set:

Etude House: Goodbye Dark Circles

Sleeping late at night, bad eating habits, not drinking 8 glasses of water, and not wearing sun protection for my eyes are some of my unfortunate bad habits that leads to dark and saggy eyebags. That's my no. 1 face problem and I have tried almost everything to cure it but no product has given me satisfaction yet.

While checking out Etude House's store at Cubao, I came accross this product and the cute packaging (again -__-;) convinced me to purchase it.

The active ingredients in this product are broccoli, green coffee and slim tea complex. Brocolli is known for its Vitamin K which helps blood circulation. I've read before that teabags and coffee are good anti-oxidants and can prevent eyebags too. Hope that these 3 ingredients in Goodbye Dark Circles will work for me.

I apply a pea sized amount of this eye cream around the eye area after using Etude House's Minisize U toner. Massage the cream gently in circular motion until the cream is completely absorbed and dont put too much pressure.

The cream dries quickly and not greasy too. I've noticed that my eyes are less stress-looking, less saggy but the dark circles are still there. I've only used this product for 5 days so there are no dramatic changes yet but I'm expecting, of course, my dark circles would lighten in a month with continuous use. 
Remember to sleep 8 hours a day and drink 8 glasses of water too! Will give an update after a week :)

For a better result, also use Goodbye Dark Circle Eye Patch found here!

Grace's Birthday Celeb at Oody's

Happy Birthday Grace!!!

...and here's the FROYO CHALLENGE!

At Gelatissimo, Greenbelt 5. Ok, Grace won since she availed 2 scoops while I had only one. Haha. She ordered Guava/Kiwi and Raspberry for me.

Here's what I wore that day:

Blazer: Shopaholic!
Dress, Belt and Shoes: Random from Bazaar
 Sling Bag: Secosana
Accessories: WWW (What Women Wear)

We went to Timezone to kill time while waiting for the ever-late Armie Hernandez...

"Karaoke" time~! Hahaha Armie never fail to make us laugh XD She's used to old terms such as Karaoke instead of Videoke and Reduce instead of Diet HAHAHA

Then we had our dinner at Oody's bar and restaurant at Greenbelt 3, Makati City. The ambience was really nice since it has a Thai royalty interior. All the dishes are flavorful and really delicious. We ordered Egg Tamarind, Fried Spring Roll, Tom Yam Pla Soup, Beef in Red Curry, and Grilled Squid.

I could say that this would be our favorite Thai restaurant! The Egg Tamarind is my favorite! Tasted like the eggs were fried in sweet and sour sauce. The fried spring rolls were all crunchy and meaty. No air inside.

Tom Yam Pla is like Sinigang with sugar for me. It was my first time to eat sweet meals actually. Sinigang is better but this soup is new and passed my tastebuds. Beef in red curry tasted like beef in red curry. LOL it's all in the title!

Me and boyfriend and a hand holding a knife, attempting to kill the photo.

and here's the murderer... the birthday girl! Happy Birthday again Grace! Enjoy your Tiramisu Cake! Til our next Happy Time~

Le Faerie Waterproof Liquid Foundation

What's on my table?

Le Faerie Waterproof Liquid Foundation Shade No. 002

Sister bought cosmetics from Le Faerie at Mckinley months ago. I got curious since the products are made in Japan and used their Liquid Foundation.

Shade No. 001 For light-fair skinned, neutral undertones not warm, not cool

Shade No. 002 For fair skin with warm undertones best for Chinese mestiza

Shade No. 003 For medium fair skin with neutral undertones, wheat color. Can appear too white for morena ladies but looks best for typically fair or medium-fair skin

Shade No. 004 For morena to medium brown skin. Warm undertones. Best for the Filipina skin

All the colors blend with skin tone and skin color after 5 to 10 minutes once the foudation is set and left to dry on the face. With plant based vitamins to fight off aging. Appears like second skin! They say it's good for Asian and sensitive skin. I've used the product in my past 2 self portraits.

The colors and formulation were created to enhance skin condition and apearance without having to appear too made up. It only costs P499. Very affordable! I would definitely purchase one again as soon as I finish this bottle.

You can also visit their fanpage for more products. LIKE Le Faerie Cosmetics at

Tony Moly Philippines

The long wait is finally over!

The famous Korean makeup, Tony Moly will open their first boutique at SM Fairview on April 27, 2011.

Tony Moly is made from the combination of an English word Tony, which means stylish and a Japanese word Moly which means to box something. The combined word "Tony Moly" means "a place to put style into a packaging".

Tony Moly Philippines Stores -

1.) SM Fairview - Lower Grnd. Floor (Near SM Supermarket) - April 27, 2011
2.) SM Mega Dept. Store - Tentative April/May 2011
3.) SM North Dept. Store - Tentative April/May 2011
4.) SM Makati Dept. Store - Tentative April/May 2011
5.) SM Megamall - Bldg., A (Near SM Supermarket) - Tentative June 2011
6.) SM North Edsa - Main Bldg., 2nd Floor - Tentative July 2011
7.) SM Manila - Grnd. Floor - Tentative September 2011

Here are some of their products with cute packaging:



So cute! I would love to collect those~ Can't wait to see them all in actual!

MAJOR MAJOR NEWS: Stuffed Crust Pizza With 25% More Chees

The New Stuffed Crust Pizza
It has a ring of melt in your mouth cheese baked right in a crust that's laced with a hint of garlic butter. 
Now with 25% more Cheese at the same price!
So good you'll eat it backwards!

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Pizzeria / Dezatto

Kamote Team was complete! Had dinner with Krish Uy, Justine Lerma, Luck A. Tan, Sean Datu, and Eton de Guzman at Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante after office hours somewhere at Timog, Tomas Morato.

It was my first time to dine at Napoli's. I thought it would be expensive or their serving would be only good for 2-3 persons but to my surprise, it's not! Really affordable and the serving is real huge. The pizza and pasta that we ordered fed six hungry kamotes :)

Say Hello to New England's Pizza~

 The pizza was crusty and thin!

Majority wins! Most of us chose Fettuccine with Seafood and Asparagus Pasta in white sauce. The bread that was sliced to three was divided into 6. Hahahaha. Yum yum the sauce was milky and flavorful.


  Napoli is a great alternative from Shakey's, Pizza Hut, or Yellow Cab. They have variety of pizzas and pastas on the menu. When I saw the list, I wanted to try all of them! We must go back to this place soon~

Then we headed to Dezatto Cafe for our desserts! Dezatto Cafe serves coffees, teas, ice creams, cakes and other pastries but since we're already full, we just ordered anything in small serving just to have a place to stay in and chat more. I ordered Strawberry milkshake! My favorite! While my friends chose different flavors of froyo~

I fell in love with their cake designs. They all look yummy! But I was already full ;_: Too bad, we forgot to took photos of their creatively designed cakes. Kamotes, we should go back here, ok?

Ok, enough with the food talk. It makes me more hungry! I just ate noodles for the past 24 hours since I was not really feeling well. I'm having diarrhea and nausea plus I got unconscious and fainted at the MRT last night. 'Cause it was really jampacked! Good thing Ortigas has cool, breezy, fresh air. I need to take more rest for tomorrow I'd be working hard again! Chea~

Teaser: Bachendorff

“Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin .. it's the triumphant twang of a bedspring.”

It's Bachendorff and I. Photos to be posted soon..

Jennifer Rag Doll

Last Sunday, I've bought a new rag doll at Toy Kingdom. I was holding her foot as I look for the counter. I was really shy to buy dolls especially when the cashier asks  if it is a gift for someone or I want it giftwrapped. Hihi. then I'll answer, "It's for myself." And it always leave a smile on their faces. >.<

Here's the only photo that I have for now...

Why Jennifer? Daddy bought a similar rag doll in green dress when I was 5 and named her Jennifer. I got it from a popular song "Jennifer, Jennifer, na'san ka?" by Andrew E. And yeah, I used to bite her nose. XD

I super love that doll, too bad I can't find photos anymore. Huhu. I remember, one time, I demanded for a bigger rag doll but Daddy failed to buy the nice one since it was too expensive. Instead, he bought a 4 ft fake doll at Quiapo and gave it to me as a 'Santa gift' for Christmas! (Now I know why they wanted me to hang a big plastic bag instead of a small Christmas stocking!) Yes, I was a kid that throws tantrums when wishes weren't fulfilled. I was so bad T_T

It's almost 12 years since daddy past away. I can't get him out of my mind these past few days that's why I bought a new Jennifer rag doll to remember him. Today, I've brought Jennifer to the office and used her as an arm rest while I'm working. Tomorrow, she might be a bag chain or a cute accessory to my outfit!

I'm so happy Toy Kingdom still sells this kind of rag doll~ thank you, for dolls bring out the kid in me ♥

Majolica Majorca: Fulfills all your wishes

A while ago, me and my officemate visited Majolica Majorca located at 1/G SM Makati Department Store.

We checked out the cosmetic products they are selling. All products are from Japan. I still can't decide what to buy so I just asked the beauty consultant about their cosmetics.

They have 3 kinds of mascara: Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo, Lash Expander Frame Plus, and Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on

The first one makes the lashes look thicker and longer with every additional coat. The second gives a additional length to the lashes, and the last one makes the lashes thicker.

They also have available eyelash primer, the Lash Bone Black Fiber In and Eye Reset Gel which removes heavy makeup.

One amusing thing about Majolica Majorca eyeshadows/blushes is that you can buy them in a nice glass refill pack or you can buy the crystal case to fit it in!

Most of the product packaging has a magical appeal, which reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

The photo above shows some contents of the mini catalogue given to us.


I'm actually curious about Skin Remaker Pore Cover with SPF 18 (foundation) and Skin Lingerie Pore Cover (primer). Haha products that has something to do with PORES really catch my attention!

On April 9, 16, and 24, 2011, they'll be having a FREE make-over, souvenir photo for every purchase of Majolica Majorca products from 3-6pm. And for a minimum purchase of P1000, you'll get a FREE Majolica Majorca pouch too!

I might try buying them to give you a review soon! 

Majolica Majorca is exclusively available at leading SM Department Stores and Watson's outlets nationwide. For more info, visit

Majolica Majorca
Make your wish and it will be granted.

Cosmo Club Scene 2011 Club Invasion

Party time tomorrow, April 09, 2011, with Cosmo Girls at Encore, The Fort from 10pm - 12 midnight. They're giving away free entrance passes! Visit their FB fanpage and message them your favorite Cosmo section and what you love about it.

2009 Cosmo Centerfold Aljur Abrenica will be there also. It's going to be one crazy-fun party night!

Etude House: Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam

Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam - Peach Tea

Finally, I was able to buy Happy Tea Time! I always forget to purchase this ;_;

Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam is available in different variants, which are all undeniably sweet and yummy.

I bought the Peach tea variant, the scent that I'm so obsessed with. And it's the best thing about this product. The formula is very thick so I add a little water then massage it around your face. You'll see it foam! After rinsing, I feel that my skin is fresh clean, tighter and all my makeup were removed too!

I also love the tube packaging, it's so cute and simple! Especially that the variant I have is in light pink. For sure I'm gonna buy this product again (because of the peach scent) haha and I know all the other scents smell good too! *I tried smelling them at the store*

Also, this cleansing foam is really affordable! You'll get the 120ml tube for only P148.00!!! What a great deal!

Etude House: Fresh Cherry Tint

This is my second time to purchase this product. Love this product so much cause it's easy to apply and looks natural. I prefer using lip tints than lipstick/gloss since it doesn't not oil or create lip lines. And it feels lighter too!

I love the smooth and creamy feeling when this is applied to my lips. It makes my lips moisturized, I think, and the color also lasts for hours!