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What's on my table: Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector

Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector

I've bought this recently at SM Makati Department Store. This little concealer pot with white swirls helps conceal dark circles and imperfections. This breakthrough formula contains Olay Regenerist Serum to soften skin. Easy to apply, lasts all day, and won't cake!

I chose the nearest shade to yellow. As we all know, yellow based concealers are the best to conceal dark circles. At first I thought, rubbing/dipping finger from the pot would be a little messy but not with this concealer! It's not too creamy and I dont need to use a brush anymore. This is easier to blend and costs only P725 per pot. I guess this will last up to 8-12months. I like this better than my Revlon Blemish Concealer Stick which usually lasts for 6months only.

This product is actually targeted towards older women with visible lines on their skin but I still bought the product to try. It's never too early to think about preserving your skin afterall! I'd definitely buy another pot again (and stop using Revlon Blemish Concealer for now) once I'm finished with this one!

no more whining

Outfit for last Saturday's family reunion and Toycon event. Two apparels to have a 1 piece looking dress! Actually, I wore an off-white long sleeved top at first but the weather was too hot for that so I changed to a pretty blouse with pearls attached.

Inner top: Sparkle Shop
Outer top: Sparkle Shop
Sling Bag: Random from HK
Ring: Dorotee Sweetlips
Shoes: Landmark

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10th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2011

Last Saturday, June 18, 2011, we went to SM Megamall to take a look at the 10th Philippine Toycon 2011. The Megatrade hall was crowded and cosplayers were everywhere!




That was one cool phototour at the toycon event! Till next year!

Etude House Philippines: Grand Sale at SM North EDSA

I visited SM North EDSA The Block for Etude House's first day of Grand Sale. This is my first photowalk inside a store. The boutique was replenished with new stocks and there were posters saying that they're having a 20% off on all items.

Dara's announcing the great news too by holding the 20% grand sale poster!

Take a look at their Summer Special Season Set: Dress Room Lovely Look Body Set which contains a body wash, body lotion, and two travel packs.

Featuring the Mini Me Perfume Mists and Sticks! Starring Ms. Cutie, Ms. Twinkle, Ms. Lonely, Ms. Ever and Ms. Hot.

Ms. Twinkle perfume stick is my favorite scent~

The Vita foam facial washes are also present in the store. It's a mini foam facial wash  which contains vitamins for your skin! Only P148 each.

And my top pick.. Vita Foam Mini Good Night because of the blackberry incense!

Some photos of their skin care line:

Line of best selling BB creams and BB pact!

I tried Precious Mineral Makeup Essence tester. It's a pearl infused primer/base before putting BB cream. I put a small amount on my hand and blended. As you can see, it shimmers and glows!


The Aloha products are all complete!


This is Dr. Lash Essence Remover which removes all traces of mascara and eyeliner, it is also enriched with Dr. Lash complex.

The Dr. Lash Ampule Long & Volume was all sold out! Luckily, I took a photo of it. It comes with a Lash Renew (small container) and Lash Protect (bigger one). Use the small one at night and the big one in the morning before you put on mascara.

 It also comes with a lash measuring board inside :)

Here's Henna Fix Proof 10 Super Fix which lasts longer. It doesn't smudge nor smear easily!

Face Color Corset and Marble Marble cheek blushes got my attention. I tried one shade and look at the natural blush effect:

My face is yellowish and this Marble Marble blush gave a little glow on my cheeks.

Missing U hand creams are always lovely. Adopt one now and help our endangered little friends.

Passed by a mirror and took a picture of myself. Hihi.

Look at this Bebe Gentle Cream. It's packaging is light green in color but it's as lovely as pink! The small characters are really adorable~

Put your hands up! These 4 deo products confidently held their hands up high!

Look what I've found... A cute cat in the moon tattoo!

I'm a big fan of Mini Size U product line and still I can't decide if I should buy this big container of Pore Refresh Astringent. Is this the same as the toner?

Oh I would love to play colors with these nail polishes!

I'm trying the different shades of Dear Darling Nails.

Then I applied Dear Darling Crack Nails on top! Im loving the combo especially on the pink and yellow nails!

Sweet Heart Capsules. These capsules contain oil that you massage on your face.

Lip Glosses. Love the colors but I dont wear lip glosses. I feel like there's something sticky and hot on my lips and it's so uncomfortable for me.

The best selling Bubble Hair Color! And that time they're still complete. Hair Color #3 (light brown) went out of stock that day.


These are Love Homme products for men. Perfect gift for dads this Father's Day! Unfortunately Black Engine Product Line wouldn't be available in other branches except for SM Megamall.

3 in 1 Fluid
I tried in on my skin! It acts as a toner, lotion and essence in one!

Love Home Moisture Double Bubble FS Foam and Shaving would be a cool present for dads who wants their faces smooth and clean.

Love Homme Refresh Toner is also available at the store. It's a pore astringent which removes oil and residues.

Poor Eyes Cream... Why did they put this cute and little product on the corner?

It looks like a glue stick.

Here's the Be Clear product line~

You'll get this Special Lock and Lock Tumbler when you purchase at least P3000.

Let's try the Princess Jewelry Finish Pack. This princessy container is really attractive.


I have a yellowish skin and this powder made my skin rosy white. See the difference? Check my wrist.

Let's also try this LuciDarling Fantastic Sponge BB Cake. It has a removable brush on top.


Take a look at the creamy foundation. It gives quite good coverage on my skin.

Look what I've found: Intensive Care Hair Mask

I'm so curious about this product, I wanna try since I have dull and dry hair ;_;

Now, I'm going to try this Kissful Lip Chou. I saw my officemate wearing this and I wanna try it too.


I chose the light pink shade. And take a look at my lips. Is it bagay? LOL

I love the product name of this eyeshadow: Lucidarling Over the Rainbow

Goodbye Pore Ever Stick! Finally, I'd be able to try!

For Anne Curtis lips, try Cupid Red and Psyche Red Dear Darling Lipsticks.

And try also their new lipstick: Look at my Lips!

This is the best and girly shade for me.

Woo~ Baby Lip Plumper looks like Bubblegum Flavored candy. Hmmm... I guess I was already hungry that time.

Too many customers have already tried Black Long Lash Mascara, they label took off already.

This is big. This is Open your Eyes mask. I have big eyebags and tired-looking eyes and I guess this product is the answer to all my eye problems~

Miss Tangerine Soda Tint's amazing talent. First, it's transparent in color.


Shake it and it will turn into red orange!

Buy Party in a Box and get this cute Cushiony Pouches~

Hello there Mini Anti Germ products~ I've blogged this one before.

Let's try these Aloha Eyeliners. It's available in colors blue, brown, green, and violet.

That was a fun photo-tour inside Etude House store! I would love to visit other stores soon~

My outfit for the day:

Top: Sparkle Shop
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: Classiques
Accessories: M.I.C.

All pictures are taken by Carizza Chua. Please do not copy without permission.