Sweet Sentiments Lovely Cakes!

Black and Gold Music Cake

A musical way to celebrate! Love this design from Sweet Sentiments! Found these custom made cakes a while ago. These photos make me hungry!!

The Keroppi Cap cake looks like a toy! So cute!

And a DSLR cake too!

You can have your own design too~ Visit their fanpage now!

Who's the new Bayo Sister?

9 days to go~
Let's all welcome Love, Bayo's new sister! Guess who she is.


What's on my table? 4U2 Liquid Eyeliner

4U2 DFY9 Liquid Eyeliner in Black

I forgot to recap my In2it liner tightly last night so it all went dry. Boo. I have to buy a new one. But when I went to Watsons, Gateway branch, there were no In2it cosmetics around and since I cannot live (or rather leave the house) without eyeliner, I have to try another brand's.

I bought 4U2 DFY9 Liquid Eyeliner. Got it for only P314.00. It is waterproof and smudge-proof at the same time. This product is made in Thailand, under a brand name in the United States.

The brush is a bit long but soft and I think only makeup professionals can control the consistency of my makeup easily. I prefer the sturdy pen type brush but as soon as you get used to it, you can draw a curve line perfectly and feel like a professional too! It lasts all throughout the day. It does not easily cracks and falls off (unlike Ever Bilena). I also like the creamy texture of this product, it looks natural and shine-free when applied.

One more surprise, when I bought this product, the beauty consultant gave me a free mirror!

It's they're GWP (gift with purchase) for P500 worth of products. I only purchased around P300 but she still gave me a freebie!

So cute and girly! It's not actually free since they charged me P1.00 for inventory purposes ;p

I will use this product for the coming posts. Usually it takes me 1 week before I decide which product I should stay with. Quality and price wise, this product is good. This is cheaper than other brands I am currently using!

What's new at Parisian?


Beautiful! I love the first pair of shoes and that brown satchel is one of my next target :)

Sweet in Pink

Dress: Sparkle Shop
Accessories: Sanrio
Shoes: Parisian

Yay! New dress from Sparkle Shop!~It's free size but good thing it fits me well :) Paired with Parisian wedges, which is really durable, comfy and does not die on me from overuse. Parisian wedges, you wont leave me right?

What's new at Etude House?


Achieve the lip glass effect for glossy tinted lip expression with various pinky shades:

1. Rosy Pink   2. Sweet Pink   3. Peach Pink

It's a tint and gloss in one~!

Grabbed samples from Etude House Korea. Here's a photo of a model's clean and exfoliated lips:

Makeup artist applied Pink Tonic Lip Glass Tint in Rosy Pink:

Here's another photo when Pink Tonic Lip Glass Tint in Sweet Pink is applied:

And lastly, Pink Tonic Lip Glass Tint in Peach Pink:

Beautiful! PINK TONIC LIP GLASS TINT is only P328.00 each! Can't wait to try one~

What do you get up for?

     GET UP is GOLDEN ABC's (GABC) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform. GET-UP is not just about what people wear, but it is also the call to action to do something valuable for others and the country. The company's advocacies each fall under a GET-UP category such as support for Education, Community Building, Environment, and Arts & Culture. Partner institutions may differ yearly but all are evaluated to fit the CSR thrust and corporate values of GABC.

     In celebration of its 25th year, GOLDEN ABC would like to engage its customers in raising awareness to the various advocacies the company is supporting. Taking it a step further, GABC through its brands: Penshoppe, Oxygen, For Me, Memo, and Regatta, is giving a chance for its customers to donate to any of these advocacies and their corresponding partner institutions.

Remember these GCs I got last week from GABC in partnership with DTC?

     For every Php1000 minimum single receipt purchase, Php25 will be donated to a GABC advocacy of their choice. Thank you in advance for making a difference through Get Up!

For donations and more info about GET UP, please visit their website at www.getup.ph

What's on my table? Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss

Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss

This clear lip gloss on tube is shiny, extremely sheer and sparkles. Fairly moisturizing.  I'm loving the fruity flavor too! One application lasts for hours. This reasonably priced tube is a good investment. Im keeping this in my cosmetic kit!

MEGA Make-over, Fashion Crew Edition

The spanking new set of MEGA Fashion Crew

A bigger, bolder, better MEGA Fashion Crew was revealed in its fourth installment that aired on Saturday, August 20. A total make-over would be an understatement. It was more of a “make-better” episode.

From the get-go, a more glamorous opening billboard and a sleeker, more stylish set greeted the viewers.

According to MEGA Fashion Crew host and judge Sari Yap, “In MEGA, no one uses the term ‘make-over’. Instead, we say ‘make-better’. It simply means to make something better”.

She further explained that everyone can be good. But sometimes, we need to present that goodness in a different perspective, in a way that can help one be better than everyone.

In line with the show’s new look, the fashion crew contenders also underwent a make-better. MEGA Fashion Crew mentors Suki Salvador and Meryll Yan challenged the participants’ determination and pushed them to their limits, proving that there’s still much room for growth.

Director Alco Guerrero shows MEGA Creative Director
Suki Salvador how it is all done.

There has never been a better time for a make-better for the challengers, as they also encountered what may be the first of many conflicts they will be facing, something they need to get used to to survive in this industry.

A week before, MEGA asked the challengers to send them their photos for an online promotional campaign. However, the contestants reacted negatively to the request and expressed dissatisfaction by posting uncalled for comments on MEGA Fashion Crew’s group page. The comment caught the attention of the MEGA Fashion Crew mentors. Soon after, a comment thread formed in response to this comment.

Incidentally, fashion stylist Tsard Chua, the one who initiated the post, was eliminated. Also, makeup artist Sam Unson-Gallardo left the competition because of her son’s medical condition.

Top fashion designer Avel Bacudio and Top Fashion Blogger and Icon
Divine Lee shed a tear or two during the eliminations

MEGA Fashion Crew judges got teary eyed as Gallardo bid farewell. Even guest judge, fashion icon and blogger, Divine Lee.

After last Saturday’s episode, only 30 challengers remained in the running to become a part of MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew.

Don’t miss the adrenaline rush and the drama that takes place behind the scenes of a high-fashion shoot. Because this season, back stage is the new front stage.

Catch Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew every Saturdays 7pm and replays on Sundays, 11am only on ETC.

MEGA Fashion Crew Gen M Season 2 is created for television by the MEGA Publishing Group. 
Visit www.megastyle.ph and like MEGA on Facebook or follow MEGA on twitter.

Polka Love

Top: What a Girl Wants
Bag: CMG

It was Eli's christening day! All stress and puyat nights were gone after seeing Baby Eli. Such a cute angel I am not just sure if I can share his photos here. Maybe I should ask permission from his parents first? Haha.

Forgive the sleepless photo, I only had 4 hours of sleep that day XD

Welcome to the family, Princess Fiona!

Bought another porcelain doll today and we named her Princess Fiona! She's 30 inches tall, head, hand and legs are articulated, and comes with a doll stand. Yay for poseable cute little girl by Kathy Smith Flizpatrick

Alice, Caroline and Dumpling welcomed her with a small photoshoot:

 Princess Fiona and her pet dog.

Holding hands with my new friend.

Alice: "Can I give you a hug?"

Caroline: "Me wants to give you a big hug too!"

Welcome to our family, Princess Fiona!!!

Doll House

It's Smurf Month. Have you watched the movie yet? This is my Smurf inspired outfit, well, yes, I dont look like a Smurf character - pardon for that, do i have to look like one? haha.

Outer dress: What a Girl Wants
Inner top: Eastwood Mall
Accessories: Stellar by China Hortaleza
Boots: Sparkle Shop

Carizza joins Kariton Klasrum Adventures

Kariton Klasrum (Pushcart Classroom) is a free tutoring center for street children set up by community volunteers in Cavite City, headed by 2009 CNN Hero of the Year, Efren Penaflorida. In partnership with Golden ABC, different bloggers were invited to join their class and experience the pushcart teaching.

Every Saturday, the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) and other volunteers travel almost 5 kilometers by foot around the town pushing the 4 karitons. They have 4 pushcarts called the K4 for kariton (pushcart), klasrum (classroom), klinik (clinic), and kantin (canteen). These pushcarts are equipped with different learning materials, toys, hygiene materials, clothes, slippers, and food.

 Class started with a flag ceremony.

Pushcarts had just arrived.

Students lined up as they go to their respective klasrums.

Look who I spotted! I've met Ana of Anagon at the place too! She's with friend Krissy. It was good to know that there were fashion bloggers active in this project too!

Everyone was listening to Teacher Jolen in class for 8-9 yrs old. Little guy wearing a yellow shirt in front of teacher was only 5. They asked him to transfer to the other class but he didn't want to go. Oh-oh.

 Photo-op with Kuya Efren~

When street children were able to finish their Kariton lessons, they'll be transferred to proper training at Karbil (learning center). Today, they already have around 150 enrolled students in Karbil out of 800 street children in Kariton Klasrum. This project makes the children eager to learn  and helps them send to traditional schools.

After 2 years of recognition, Efren's DTC continued to expand their projects. As a matter of fact, The Department of Education (DepEd) will help the team to reach out more children around the country and replicate the pushcarts, emulating the Kariton Klasrum activity. Kariton Klasrum is planning to go global before the year ends and visit countries such as Indonesia and Egypt.

Many thanks to Golden ABC for sharing an eye opener with us, giving us an opportunity to visit the children of Cavite and for giving us free breakfast, lunch, gift certificates worth P2000 (will blog about this soon), and an awesome shirt from Penshoppe. I just realized that people like us are just so lucky to have proper education and complete meals everyday. Speaking of meals, since I was away, Oro-chan skipped his lunch. Nobody at home had a good heart to take care of my baby boy. :c


And he just slept the whole day. Now it's time for me naman to take a nap. Goodnight!

Changing Lives One "Kariton" at a Time

GABC partners with DTC’s Kariton Klasrum

Last week, I got an invitation from Sir Ram Bucoy and Ms. Jerry Lim to join and experience Kariton Klasrum with Golden ABC (GABC), Kuya Efren Penaflorida, and the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC). And of course, since I really love teaching, I accepted the invitation.

The Dynamic Teen Company (DTC), a local NGO headed by 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida, has partnered with GOLDEN ABC (GABC), the country’s  fashion pioneer and owner of leading brands Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo, and Regatta, for “Kariton Klasrum” (pushcart education), a literacy and hygiene program for unschooled children.  

“GABC believes that there are many who are inspired by Efren’s work and can be active agents of change in our  country,” said Bernie Liu,  CEO & President of GOLDEN ABC.  

GABC and its employee volunteers are  helping  Penaflorida in teaching  the underprivileged kids basic reading, writing, arithmetic, hygiene, character building values and  educating them to make  a positive difference in their lives.  

Since 1997, “Kariton Klarum” has been making a difference and has helped thousands of underprivileged youngsters in slum areas who have no access to education, basic hygiene and sometimes, even love from their families. Today, the group holds different activities to address these issues.

Over the past two decades, GABC has been actively involved in various foundations that further the cause of people development. It has branded its corporate social responsibility platform as “GET UP”. The company’s advocacies each fall under a category such as support for education, environment, community building, and arts & culture.

A group of bloggers were invited to join this activity, and I am lucky to be one of them. I'd be posting the whole experience tonight.

To find out about GOLDEN ABC, please log on to http://www.goldenabc.com

Outifts for work

One thing that gives me motivation to work is dressing up. Monday to Friday work could be stress-free if you can dress according to your mood and not the ordinary smart-casual look. Especially for designers like me! Agree?


Sick me
Cardigan: WAGW
Dress: Sparkle Shop
Tights: Sparkle Shop


After lunch
Top: Bayo


After power nap
Dress: Sparkle Shop
Ring: F21

Happy Thursday everyone~!