Night Shopping

It's sister's birthday! We went to the mall to check out branded items on sale. Yay for mall shopping~

and of course, we never missed to visit Forever 21! I found a good and reasonably priced fur vest but arm holes are too big. XXXS please?

But this is just great for a photoshoot... should I buy on my next visit? Hopefully it's still there! It's only P1045. Zara fur vest costs around P4k! But of course, there's a big difference in quality.

We didn't miss to pamper ourselves. We had an Anti-acne facial treatment (ouch!) at Flawless since there are a lot of zits popping all over my face because of stress at work. Go away~

Sister got a chance to avail her treatment at a discounted price since it was her birthday (hey, how about me?). First, they made me smell a very relaxing scent of lavender oil and placed arm heater pads on my palm. Then the attendant applied foam cleanser and massaged it on my face. It's very light that my eye makeup wasn't totally removed. Then it was removed with a warm wet towel.

After that, she applied a thin coat of Aloe E cream and steamed. This cream will make my face softer and well moisturized. It also helps remove the blackheads and whiteheads easily. Once the cream is dry, she applied toner to wipe it off, she vacuumed loose dead skin. This sucking tool makes me giggle actually. I wonder how my face looks like when it is being vacuumed.

And the most hated part happened - PRICKING! They should have thought of a better way of getting whiteheads and blackheads out without hurting the clients. It's so painful D: but after pricking, she applied a super cool toner that provided a soothing relief from pricking. Then she applied another cooling facial mask that has anti-acne and antibiotic properties and after drying, she removed it and put anti-inflammatory cream to lessen the redness and swelling. Here's my look after the facial and putting back eyeliner!

Wearing the straw hat we bought at SM Dept. Store. Sister didn't want me to post her photo here ^^ too shy.. Isn't summer anymore but this hat is just lovely so I bought it. That's all for now. It's time to collate more experiences to blog~~ cha cha~~

MEGA Fashion Crew Ep 10 - Exuding Beauty in Threes

Exuding Beauty in Threes

Hype is building as the remaining teams feel the pressure to prove that they should be MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew. As a final twist last episode, no teams were eliminated during the last challenge. But for this week, good will not be enough.

The teams have made it this far and the judges are expecting only the best among the best.

MEGA's Magic 4

People always view beauty as seemingly effortless. In reality, it requires a lot of work to create an image worthy of perfection. It also needs quite a great deal of attention to achieve. This week’s challenge will show beauty in different aspects and stretch the contenders’ creative ideas further.

A three pronged challenge awaits contestants as they strive to be the final two.

Contestants will have to show beauty through three different mediums: a print ad; a television commercial; and a fashion show. The teams have already executed fashionable photos and a stylish runway show. But will they be able to pull-off a tv commercial for a product feature?

In just one challenge, teams have to display their strengths in the three challenges to wow the judges. The teams also need to convince judges on a product feature through a tv commercial. Will the challengers survive through three challenges in one episode?

Guest judge Joey Reyes, resident judges Raya Mananquil, Sari Yap, Avel
Bacudio, and guest judge Manuel Villafania

Veteran director Joey Reyes and top creative director Mr. Manuel Villafania share their ideas and expertise as a guest judge for the episode.

The teams must be bold enough for a beautiful triumph. The four remaining teams will have to show only their strongest to make the final cut for the grand finale. Who will be the last two teams vying to be MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew?

Catch Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew every Saturday at 7pm, with replays on Sundays at 10am, only on ETC.

Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew is created for television by the MEGA
Publishing Group. For the latest updates, visit Like MEGA on Facebook at or follow MEGA on twitter at

Mega Style Spies

MEGA Magazine Style Spies at Eastwood Mall

   Want to be spotted and be featured?, MEGA Magazine and Eastwood Mall bring you the latest fashion project to hit the city: MEGAMagazine Style Spies at Eastwood Mall. Seems like Mega Magazine continues to surprise us with new and exciting things! I've noticed Mega and Eastwood tie-ups are running for quite some time now.

   This unique partnership is a three-month long endeavor in which members of the MEGA and Megastyle team spot stylish individuals at Eastwood Mall every Friday of the week. Men and women of all ages are invited to dress in their most fashionable ensemble from September to December to get a chance to be photographed and featured on

   Other things to look forward to about this partnership are the exclusive fashion picks done by none other than the MEGA fashion team. Fashion picks will be displayed on the fashion installation located at the second floor of Eastwood Mall. Everyone can look forward to detailed style advice from the team on this season’s latest trends as seen on Eastwood’s fashion displays. This is an early Christmas gift for everyone from the MEGA team!

   This tie-up officially launched last night on September 29, at the Eastwood Mall Ground Floor, Atrium where Manila’s front-runners in fashion, styling and blogging were invited. 

Co-Blogger Photos

Aisa, Tracy, Aie, and Aivan

Valerie, Marj, and Irene

   Guests enjoyed delicacies from CCA and exclusive items from Skinfood. Also in the program was a fashion show done by Manila’s elite models who donned the editors’ picks from Girl Shoppe, Maldita, Folded & Hung, Mental, Celine, and Luca. 



   The fashion team from MEGA Magazine and also the featured personalities from the campaign namely Angela Alarcon (fashion editor), Suki Salvador (executive creative director), Meryll Yan (publisher and deputy editor), Jacqui Halili Co-Salonga (online and accessories editor), Jose Castillo (style associate), and Miel Villamor (fashion associate) were also present to show their support the next fashion haven and rising style center of the city, Eastwood Mall.

   Now, I am inviting everyone to come to Eastwood EVERY FRIDAY (yes, today!), from 6-8pm, on your most stylish outfits to get spotted by the MEGA team!

Blouse: Topshop
Skirt: Forever21
Accessories: Korea
Heels: Sparkle Shop

I survived the heavy rains! And I am at work right now. Other companies had suspended already and we are still here..working! But I'm happy I finished a lot today. 

Wearing bright colors for this typhoon (and cute earrings too!). Pedring was real strong but still I wanna feel alive and energetic!

Yay yay! Till next post!

Etude House Look at My Lips Promo

Promo Duration: September 21-28, 2011

How to join:
Everyone is entitled to join except for Etude House Philippines employees.

Participants must send two (2) pictures of them using their favorite shade of
“Look at My Lips” lipstick.

The first picture should be the whole face of the participant with the lipstick
worn,and then the second picture should be a close-up shot of the lips of the
participants using the same shade with the first one.

Send the entries to, with the following:

Title: Look at My Lips Promo
Contact Nos:
Shade No. of Lipstick:
Indicate the Reason why it is their favorite shade:

Deadline for Submission of Entries is on September 28, 2011 at 6PM

Three (3) winners will be chosen by the Etude House Team, and will be officially announced on Facebook Fan Page by September 30, 2011 and Princess Talk (the official e-newsletter of Etude House Ph).

Each winner will receive a Moistfull Collagen Balm and Henna Fix Proof 10 Mascara.

Join now!

For more info, please visit Etude House Philippines Fanpage or

When is picnic time?

Blouse: Topshop
Pants: Guess
Shoes: Schu
Bag: Peacock London
Hat: Cherryblue
Accessories: Landmark

Good day! I am working on a Saturday! T_T pfftttt. I need to finish a lot of errands for this week. When can I have a break? I am dying to have one. 

Love this fringed lashes blouse from Topshop by the way :) Perfect for my sweet but stressed look haha!

This canvas bag came together with the package I got from Lissa Kahayon weeks before. It's Peacock London! Really nice, isn't it?

I am preparing a giveaway/promo for my birthday next month. Sparkleshop x Carizza Chua promo or something like that. Any suggestions? Watch out for that and hope all of my blog readers will join this time! Time to go~

Peach Apple Pie

Blouse: Sparkle Shop
Jumpskirt: Sparkle Shop
Accessories: Landmark
Headband: Pink Box
Shoes: Janilyn

Changed hair color again! Not that I dont like my previous blonde hair (Hey I love the curly blonde!). I just need to tone it down since it's getting too much attention especially at work. Does it look better?


I hope it is! I used LÓreal Hair Color in Auburn Brown. It's time to work. Got to go~

MEGA Fashion Crew Ep 9 - Return to Temptation


Temptation being personified

After bringing high fashion to the streets of Manila, the remaining Mega Fashion Crew contestants are faced with the hypnotic – and sometimes dangerous – challenge of temptation.

This week, challengers will bring an expression of seduction. Teams will create a stylish look that mirrors the original temptress herself, Eve. Hold on to your senses and be allured with the most exotic episode of this season.

Prepping to be Eve

But how do you pull off a high fashion shoot without clothes? Think Eve and what else was with her in the Garden of Eden? This episode proves juicier than the bite on an apple. Sexiness will be brought to life with another round of surprises.

With the tantalizing Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdes as a guest judge, viewers will see her take on this sinfully delightful challenge.

Still, it’s not going to be a paradise of dreams for the teams. Some challengers will be eliminated as we inch closer to the grand finale of the show. With only 20 contenders left, only the strongest can survive the strong seduction of failure.

Catch Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew every Saturday at 7pm, with replays on Sundays at 10am, only on ETC.

Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew is created for television by the MEGA Publishing Group. For the latest updates, visit Like MEGA on Facebook at or follow MEGA on twitter at


Hair x Krish Uy
Photo x Eton de Guzman

Thank you guys! Till our next 'real' shoot!

Introducing the New Tuscani from Pizza Hut!

Pizza Hut Tuscani  
Choose from Supremo, Premium All Meat, Gourmet BBQ Chicken, 3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach, and Roast Beef! 
Get fuller flavor with every crispy bite!
Visit the nearest Pizza Hut or call 911-1111 or visit for more details.
*MEDIUM SIZE (10") - available for Dine-In only
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Top: Singapore
Accessories: Parfois
Eyewear: Parfois
Bag: Parfois
Wedges: Parisian

Again, thank you so much Lissa Kahayon for these wonderful products from Parfois! She also gave me a handbag from Peacocks London. I'll post that one soon too~

Lots of errands to finish today! Gotta go!

Blonde from Azta Urban Salon

I've never bleached my hair ever since I am really afraid to try out a new hairstyle. When Azta Urban Salon offered my to try their Ombre Hair Color, I absolutely said yes without any hesitation. I know AZTA and I put all my trust on them.

I went to the salon at around 11am and when Hair Dresser Joie saw me, he said he wanted a twist with the Ombre Hair Color. He recommended a bleached part on my bangs and at the back and dark brown on the other areas of my hair. I really dont have an idea how it will look like! But I know Joie can do a great style on me so I agreed.

So after the usual shampooing, he cut my hair to medium length for easy color application. Good bye long hair!!!

Joie and Arnel at the back

He divided my hair into two parts for color division. It was quite tricky and I was really amazed how they did it.

Do I look silly?

Then they applied bleach on my bangs and at the back. It took a while since it was my first time to try it.

They applied Magic Brown on top and Golden Brown on the bleached part of my hair.

After rinsing, I also had a hair treatment to make my hair more manageable and beautiful! Now, Arnel is blow drying my hair. We're almost done!

And here's the final look. Say goodbye to manang look. Tada~

Thank you so much Hair Stylist Joie and assistant Arnel from Azta Urban Salon located at Forum Robinsons Mall (Pioneer). Everyone loves the highlights - even my mom! I'd definitely go back soon for another hair style!

My friends loved my hair and we had a mini shoot yesterday too!

Hair x Krish Uy
Photo x Eton de Guzman

Thank you guys for the shoot and Krish for curling my hair! Joie and my friends' suggestion was right. I actually like it more when curled :) Now this hair needs high maintenance, how would I be able to curl my hair everyday at work? I should find a way to curl it nice and fast!

What do you think of my hair now?

MEGA Fashion Crew Ep 8 - High Street Surprise


The street provides the setting for this week’s challenge. Like avenues and streets in the urban jungle,  challengers must find their way around twists and turns to reach their goal. Working with the theme “High Street Fashion”, challengers will be faced with a lot of firsts in this episode.

Aspiring Mega Fashion Crew contestants will have to face their newest challenge yet.

The judges from left, top menswear designer and stylist Bang
Pineda, top model Raya Mananquil, MEGA magazine EIC Sari Yap, top designer Avel
Bacudio and 50th Avenue Vice President Aisha Jaafar.

50th Avenue at Robinson’s Galleria partners with the Mega Fashion Crew. The challenge proves to be a stressful but special feat as teams will be working on the first anniversary ad campaign of 50th Avenue. The final looks will be featured at 50th Avenue’s display window. Challengers will conceptualize to show their take on high street fashion.

A first in the competition, teams will be doing the photo shoots on the streets. Watch to see how the contestants work through the uncontrolled environment outdoors. The team that survives shooting on the city streets will emerge as the victors for this challenge.

One of the teams tries to get the perfect shot
along the streets of Makati.

As another first, the guest mentor will double as the guest judge. In this challenge, high street fashion will determine who stays and who leaves. Those who find the right route are deserving to still be in the race to be Mega’s Top Fashion Crew.

Catch Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew every Saturday 7pm, with replays on Sundays, 10am only on ETC.

Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew is created for television by the MEGA Publishing Group. For the latest updates, visit or like MEGA on Facebook at or follow MEGA on twitter at http://

Flight Bar & Restaurant

Newly opened Flight Bar & Restaurant in QC, Philippines! Website by SiameseTween.

Experience their Turbo Drinking Contest every Friday and Saturday night and win cash prizes! Book a flight now!

Visit their official website for updates and promos. :)

Jasmine Curtis for Bayo

BAYO is proud to launch LOVE,BAYO -- a new line that will surely catch the attention of fashion forward girls.

LOVE,BAYO is for young ladies who are in touch and up-to-date with fashion. And since fashion evolves so fast, what's hip today may not be that hip anymore in two weeks. LOVE,BAYO is there to address that need. It is fast-fashion.

Jasmine Curtis is Love, Bayo.

She embodies what a teenager should be. A young lady who seems to be enjoying her youth and her fashion.

Recently won Lissa Kahayon's blog giveaway: lissakahayon x Parfois! And I got these exciting prizes:

fringe necklace and glasses

 And this bag! All from Parfois!

Love this to bits! Thank you so much Lissa and Parfois! More power!

Have to go now for my hair color at Azta Urban Salon~

MEGA Fashion Crew Ep 7 - The Challengers Take it out on the Runway


The remaining challengers will be taking it out on the runway this week in Episode 7 of Gen M Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew, airing this Saturday, at 7pm, on ETC.

For this week’s challenge, the contestants will be part of a fashion show, sponsored by SM Ladies Fashion, which will be stage-directed by no less than top fashion show director, Robbie Carmona. “The runway will be your playground. This will be the fashion show that will decide if you are really worthy to be part of MEGA’s Top Fashion Crew,” says Mega Publishing Group Executive Creative Director Suki Salvador to the contestants.

One of the model contestants struts on the runway.

It may just as well seal their fate. It shall teach the contenders how tough it is to stage a fashion show in terms of makeup, fashion and hair styling, modeling, and photography. Interestingly, this runway challenge will be just the first of two more challenges.

The challengers face mentors Meryll Yan and Suki Salvador.

Aside from Carmona, SM Department Store’s Ladies Fashion Merchandising Division Head Pia Abad will join resident judges MEGA EIC Sari Yap, top fashion model Raya Mananquil, and top fashion designer Avel Bacudio in choosing the 25 challengers who will go on in the search for the MEGA Fashion Crew. Jocas De Leon, Brand Manager for SM Ladies Wear, will also be sitting in as a guest mentor together with Maybelline’s Archie Tolentino, L’Oreal Paris Philippines’ Borge Aloba, MEGA Deputy Editor Meryll
Yan, and Salvador.

MEGA Fashion Crew host Sari Yap with
guest judge Robby Carmona.

Find out who will make it and who will break it as the contestants catwalk-fight to the finish line.

Catch Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew every Saturday 7pm, with replays on Sundays, 10am only on ETC.

MEGA Fashion Crew Gen M Season 2 is created for television by the MEGA Publishing
Group. Visit and like MEGA on Facebook

MOP's Biggest Food Fest

Two hourse after lunch. Still Hungry? For food enthusiasts, join the biggest food trip at Manila Ocean Park's Biggest Food Fest! Tickets are only P200 each. Available at Manila Ocean Park's Reservation Office and ticket counters. See you there!

Benkyo Benkyo

Inner top: Memo
Outer Skirt with Straps: Sparkle Shop
Socks: SM Dept. Store
Shoes: Elegance
Accessories: bought handmade

Trying a sweet oufit for a day. I just want to destress and feel like I'm at school again and I am having my exams everyday. So this is the item I've bought from Memo a week ago together with the camel sheer top. They have a lot of nice and sophisticated designs. Here are some of my photos trying the two clothes I've bought from them.

photo  photo

I actually want to but the other blue sheer top but my dear wallet wont allow me to. :c I'd definitely visit their shop once again to buy more clothes!

What do u get up for?
Golden ABC, Inc. - Memo, Penshoppe (OFFICIAL), OXYGEN™, ForMe (Official) & Regatta- now gives you a chance to get up for a cause by donating to an advocacy of your choice!

For every P1,000 purchase from these brands, P25 will be donated to a GABC advocacy. Visit for more details.

For more info about Memo, visit their website at