Year End Special of AGC

It was the last party that we had with my lovely and maharot officemates for 2011 and it was a blast! Since Beny will surely miss my existence at the office (assuming he will haha), he volunteered to style my hair for the day. Btw, he do hair and makeup for Tony Moly, winner di ba?

Hair by Benedict Reginaldo
at Beny's Salon

So, we had two birthday celebrants that day, Ms. Julie and Ian, another reason to party hard. We had pancit overload, dynamite sticks, and blueberry cheesecake for lunch. Since everyone panicked, I forgot to take photos. Of course, papahuli ba ako? Haha.

Then we ordered Amber's spaghetti, red wine, and pichi pichi for dinner. Another stampede happened and hoarded for pichi pichi as if we haven't eaten for 3 days. Lol.

and ordered for the biggest pizza in my life. El Buono Pizza!

El Buono Pizza is Asia's Finest and World's Biggest Pizza! We had the 4 Flavors for only P1988. It's Celebrity 36" with El Buono Special, Il Hawaii, Margherita, and Le Verdure toppings. Super worth it!

I personally love El Buono special flavor. Yum!

You can also preorder their 65" pizza for your parties and be the belle of the ball! Got this photo from Lifestyle, Inquirer:

This would be my last entry for 2011. It's party time!

Ho He Hup Hup!

Yay! Soon it will be 2012! It's my year - Year of the Dragon. Feng Shui don't fail me, I am expecting all the best by next year, lol.

And here's my last lookbook entry before the year ends...

Plaid blouse from Sparkle Shop
Green tights from Forever 21
Mustard Shoes from Sparkle Shop
Accessories from Girl Shoppe

I got a juicy bag and peacock connector ring. Love them. Forgive my dry skin. It's too cold right now compared to normal tropical weather, and I really need to moisturize. Where's my Peach Chou Lotion from Etude House (my favorite)? I need you right now.

Here in the Philippines, we spend our New Year's eve with our families and loved ones. It's a festive time here in our country. There are many beliefs that Filipinos follow of ushering a prosperous new year.

One is wearing polka dots on New Year's Eve. Right now, I am wearing a red plaid blouse. Haha. And placing 13 round fruits on the dining table. It's a tough challenge so half the fruits likely end up being non-circular, like mangoes and that pineapple I can see from here. Well, if you remove the leaves on top of that pineapple, it is considered round, right?

Filipinos also love firecrackers and making noise using bells, clanging pots and pans, shaking coin banks, cars vroomed, and horns tooted to cause as much noise as possible. I don't do that yearly (lol) but I love watching fireworks from our neighbors.

Some short people wish they would still grow tall and jump as the new year enters. I don't believe this cause I did that years before but nothing happened. Haha!

My new favorites - Mustard shoes from Sparkle Shop!

The chains at the back are awesome but sadly, I wont be selling shoes for the meantime.

And here's the phone booth necklace that has been hiding the whole shoot. My sister bought this for me as a pre-Christmas gift from Forever 21. We are currently hoarding on gold necklaces. ;) Is gold also lucky for new year?

Wishing everyone a fun and fabulous new year!

Sumo Sam at Greenbelt 3

Me and my friends went out last Friday for a small get together and dinner. One of my friends is picky when it comes to food, like she doesn't eat pizza, ketchup, and spaghetti, which means goodbye to Italian food. Since she's a big fan of Asian culture, we ate at a Japanese Restaurant at Greenbelt 3 - Sumo Sam, with the same owner of John and Yoko.

With Pat and Grace

Food was a bit pricey but, lord, the serving was big - really for Sumos! My friend Pat ordered for Katsudon (P208) and Fried Tuna Sashimi (P208).

Look, she removed all the onions and placed it on the side haha. I am not a fan of onions too, and most likely I'd do the same to those. XD

Their Shoyu Ramen (P299) was really good and filling. Better than any other ramens I've tasted before. In short - Panalo! And my most favorite food here is their appetizer Sumo Sam Bacon Asparagus (P238)!!!  I am a big fan of crunchy veggies. Those were asparagus rolled in bacon with sweet teriyaki sauce. We also had rice with fried squid head on top and it was also savory but not killing the taste of other dishes that we ordered.

They're also serving free hot tea, just like other Japanese and Korean restaurants here in Manila. It's a good alternate for house water from time to time. Grace had one and added Salmon Sashimi in our order.

To sum it all up, we all had happy tummies filled with delish Japanese foods we've never tried before! I'm glad it's just near our office~ definitely coming back!

Happy New Year x Parfois

Have you checked out the bags and accessories from Parfois yet? All chic and glam collection from Parfois. Love that gold clutch and chunky pearl necklace! It's not yet too late to buy myself a Christmas gift. :) Visit Parfois now on the ff. branches and check out their products:

Glorietta 4
SM Megamall
SM Southmall
Abreeza Mall
SM Davao
Gateway Mall
SM Cebu

Have a glamorous New Year everyone!

Azta Urban Salon Promo

It's Azta's 1st year anniversary today at Forum Robinsons Mall (Pioneer) and they are giving a special 50% off promo from December 26 - January 1, 2012 for ALL MAJOR SERVICES! Open from 10am-10pm. Hurry and book your appointment in advance  through 02-6873289. 

Happy Holidays!

Stoned Christmas

How's your Christmas? Hope you had a good one last night. Yesterday, my relatives had a surprise visit here at our house. Yes, really a surprise visit at noon time. They did informed us a day before but I got surprised cause I was still sleeping when they arrived! Bummer~

I quickly changed outfit for Christmas day since we are celebrating it in our house. I wore a black dress with Stiletto prints, plain red headband, and red bow belt with studs. Wearing Sparkle Shop items again from head to toe.

Comfy dress paired with black patterned tights! 

Love these shoes in patent leather from Parisian Junior! Yehey, Parisian Junior fits on me well :)

Connector ring from Forever 21 (Rea Joyce Uy's Christmas gift for me).

Chunky bangles from Cherryblue at NBC Tent Christmas Bazaar.

Parties heat up as the weather cools down. I opted to wear dark colors on this amazing Christmas day. We acted as godmothers to our younger cousins and gave them presents and aguinaldos (Christmas cash) . I feel so old~

More food to enjoy, see you all later!

Chatime and Christmas Shopping

Hurray! It's Christmas! Me and my sister went to the mall to use her GCs she got from their Christmas Party but first, we had coolers at Chatime, Gateway.

We ordered for Ichiban Roast Tea with Mouuse on top and Roasted Milk Tea. Best with Pretzels!

Sayang we weren't able to avail their Buy One Take One promo from 12 noon to 2 'o clock in the afternoon.

Oops sorry for the pic, we just love camwhoring together at the mall!

Wearing casuals and comfy slip ons plus my Parisian bag and SM Accessories. Look ay my cutey necklace! Big sister gave this to me as a Christmas gift :) She said she got it from NBC Tent Bazaar.

A JApanese Girl in Kimono.

Up next, my rants about Gateway Cineplex on Christmas Eve. Watch out!

Merry Christmas everyone from Carizza and Oro-chan

It's Oro-chan's first time to experience Christmas and he is enjoying every minute of it. He would check all the gifts we wrapped, will smell the foods on the table and the Whiskas sachets I bought for him. You could see that he's really excited!

Aside from Christmas, we also decided to celebrate his birthday as well since we do not know the exact date of his birthday. For those who do not know, I saw Oro-chan at our street when he was still a little kitten. I was about to go to the office that time when I heard a kitten's cry on one cold morning. I did not adopt him that day cause I thought he has a mommy and his eyes were still closed and I knew he wouldn't survive in my hands. Then last January 9, 2011 I saw him again inside the ATM room, sleeping deeply. When the security guard kicked him out of the room, I got horrified as he rolled out and so I decided to take care of him right away. As a birthday gift, my sister bought a surprise cake from Sugarhouse! 

Too expensive? It was a chocolate cake (also for Christmas celebration) so he won't be able to eat it anyway. Happy birthday Oro-chan! You are now officially celebrating your birthday as we celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. This idea gives us hope that you'd be as good as an angel too someday, and we'll then get zero-scratches ;)

 What did he get for Christmas/his birthday?

Four new different flavors of his favorite food, Whiskas! And he is the happiest mammal this season! Happy Holidays!