Fruit Basket Waffle at The White Hat!

11:51 PM

Me and boyfriend do not celebrate Valentines. Yes, we do not and we missed it. It was never a big deal for us anyway cause we believe that any day could be a heart's day. ;) So a few days ago, we got a chance to meet each other at the mall and chit chat a little about life and business. We went to The White Hat at Megamall (near Kultura) and tried out their Homestyle Waffle Collection! The White Hat experience is best shared with a loved one indeed.

Yes, they now serve waffles! Freshly made the old-fashioned way from all natural ingredients. Crisp and chewy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. We chose The Fruit Basket variety topped with delightful trio of fresh mangoes, kiwis and strawberries. I love the mix of whipped cream (left) and froyo ice cream (right)! FROYO AND WAFFLE TOGETHER ♡ They also served a separate cup of honey syrup.

Yum! Happy tummies for only P220.00. You may also try their other waffles and put add-ons:

Their branch in Megamall was at the back of the main hallway hence, we had a very peaceful ambiance. It was really relaxing and not overcrowded.

Eton loves The White Hat Froyo with fresh strawberries and mochi :3

And here's a photo of me while I prepare our Fruit Basket~~

I can't wait to visit TWH again and try out The Banana Island! I could say that this is better than any Valentines date. If you love froyo, or a first-timer who wants to have a great yogurt-eating experience, then head on to The White Hat. They have the best froyo in town!

Visit their Fanpage or their website for more info.

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