Nuffnang Celebrates Its 5th Year

4:01 PM

My friend Angel invited me to be her Plus One for Nuffnang's 5th anniversary event at Borough, The Podium Mall last night. It's the BLUEst night of February! Almost everyone followed the theme. :)

The second floor of Borough was filled with different bloggers and photographers! Food and overflowing drinks were also served! I guess we were the first pair to get cocktail drinks. XD

We got a chance to meet Marge of Kikay Trekkie and Cat of Kikaytalk! They were really nice and sooo pretty in person. We had a beauty talk that night!

Marge's candid face as we wait for our turn at the photobooth

At first, we weren't able to get food. Good thing Jay and the other staff were really nice to offer us some. We got macaroni in tomato sauce, popcorns & fried squids, mom's milk & cookies, and a tray of sliders!


With Valerie Chua and Marj Sia. I love Val's doll-like curls here~~ Teach me how to curl hair like that!

With Tin Iglesias and Tracy Ayson. Our first photo together after so many events :D

Thanks you Angel for the invite! That was fun~ Happy 5th Birthday, Nuffnang!

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  1. Hi, sayang d tau ngkausap in person. Thanks for visiting my blog, till the next event.

  2. Looks that you had fun!

    Cute pics! kisses

  3. weeee thanks! super nice to meet you hun!

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  5. You're welcome, I had fun and quite too many alcohol last night hahaha!