Saizen Haul!

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Hurray~ for those who are not familiar, Saizen is a store filled with discounted Japanese stuff for only P85. It's similar to Japanese Home Center and Daiso (Saizen is actually the original Daiso-Sangyo Japan Inc.). They offer a wide range of products such as cosmetics, accessories, home and interior, pet needs, cute stationeries and office supplies, apparel and more! Recently they have added a Snacks section (which is my favorite too).

Photos above are from Saizen Fanpage

Last weekend, I had a trip to the store (cause I got attracted to their playlist again - Ayumi Hamasaki) and hoard the goodies I find interesting! Actually just going around the store makes me contented already but for some inexplicable reason, you just have to buy it. All items are priced for only P85 each. Sulit diba? But imagine buying 10 items in one visit... It will cost you P850! - for the love of cutie patootie items T_T. I always have a difficult time deciding before making a purchase.

I got addicted to that Doraemon-like Cheese snack and bought 4 packs!

Chocolate pie isn't a pie! It was actually a cookie! Lol

I need this in my life - for sure! Fashion emergency!

Contains mini scissors, needles, and safety pins.

My favorite false eyelashes! There are so many kinds inside the store!

This primer/moisturizer is actually good, considering it is only P85.

Product is from Taiwan and has a non-sticky consistency.

I bought this foundation in a darker shade from my skin to use as a contour.

Product is made in China but it actually works really good :)

It's so addicting! Now, I need to go back to that store again! >.< Maybe you wanna come with me? Let's go shopping together!

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  1. I looveee all the stuff!!

    The shop look so interesant <.<
     In Spain haven't shops like that! T___T

  2. hahaha, me too!! I always find time to stroll around Saizen because there are just so many interesting things for me to find out..hehe..=)

  3. yup, you may share you saizen haul links here :)

  4. i love going there too!! i wanna try the chips and cookies but i cannot understand what's written so im hesitant to get one! lol. :) i end up buying all those cute stuff for the kitchen/ home! haha.

  5. me too! i love collecting their chopsticks and spoons! you can ask assistance from their staff if you are not sure about the product ;)

  6. anlaki ng saizen! di pa ako nakapunta sa ibang store besides sa gale, huwaw! punta ako bukas sa saizen <3