What's on my table? Fanny Serrano Concealer!

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Fanny Serrano Concealer

Hohoho~ So I bought this concealer together with the two-way foundation a month ago. I'm not a fan of concealer sticks but I just can't resist this one cause it worked great on my first test at the store. It is easy to apply even with fingertips, does not oil, and easy to blend.


I use this as a foundation base. The product looks creamy but as you apply to your skin, it doesn't feel like a cream - more like of a powdered texture. I could say that Fanny Serrano cosmetics line was designed to fit the Filipina skin. It does not become oily, making it comfortable to use even on extreme summer days! No icky feeling~ Also affordable too! One stick costs only P350.00. Imagine I could already buy a concealer and foundation with only P1000 in my wallet and still have a change of P250 :)
In Cashew shade

I chose Cashew shade cause it perfectly matches my yellowish skin. My eyebags are awful so I have to use heavy coverage on it. Here's a photo without a concealer:

Dark under eyes. I look soooo tired T_T but I got these since I was a kid. I'm anemic, I lack sleep, and I am stressed. (Maybe I should try to use Revitol?) I definitely need a quick way to reduce the puffiness and conceal the dark areas. Here's the quick fix:

And you know what's best? I can also apply it to my scars on my legs and look flawless :)

*goes to my kikay kit* 

Fanny Serrano cosmetics are available on selected Watson's and SM Department Stores.

I am really glad and honored for this message:

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  1. The result is great! Seems like a fantastic product. Too bad I have never seen this in germany :(

  2. it's a local brand here in the Philippines. it would be great if they could import these products all over the world too ;)

  3. Oh my gaah..the Fanny Serrano messaged you..*faint* haha..great post Carizza! x

  4. i got so kilig when I saw that in my fb mail XD