What's on my table? Kimono Lippies

9:22 PM

Kimono Lip Glosses

Konnichiwa! While strolling around the mall, me and my sister found something cute and amazing: Kimono Chibi Chan Magic Lip Gloss!


Kawaii! That was our initial reaction when we first saw this. We actually dont have any idea that is was a magic lip gloss until we tested it!

I chose the rose pink kimono girl.. It looks like a regular lip gloss with cute packaging.

My sister chose this one.. which is actually better since you could see clearly the transformation!

Now let's try the yellow lip gloss. I applied it to my yellow skin and not on my lips so you could see the shad clearly. 

It goes on as clear and reacts to the person's skin and changes it color into pink in seconds! It's magic!!! So what if I try the pink lip gloss? Would it turn to color yellow or blue? Let's try..

It turned into pinky peach :3 love the shade. Now, I wanna go back to Farmers and look for the other shades. I think I wanna collect them all!

Cutie lippies goes into my kikay kit ;)

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  1. haha i have 2 cosmetics and 2 pimple treatment products lined up, but i wanna give at least 2 weeks before posting the results :)

  2. cute! where did you get them? and how much?thanks

  3. Katherine CamposMay 25, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    Hi! I came across your site while looking for somewhere to buy these cute kimono doll lip balms. Where did you buy them please? You mentioned "Farmers", did you mean in Cubao and what is the name of the shop please? Thank you! :)

  4. hello kath. yeah, i got that from farmers but i dont know exactly where. it's a cosmetic store and they have perfumes/cosmetics from china.