What's on my table? Le Faerie Metal Mania Palette

9:24 PM

Le Faerie Metal Mania Palette in Natural Light

Yay~ a new shadow palette from Le Faerie! This beautiful palette is comprised of 88 vibrant and shimmer eye shadows. There are a lot of shades to choose from - light, neutral, and dark colors for different color combinations!

It last up to 8 hours straight and even all day with a primer. I absolutely love it!

The pigment that you see on the palette is exactly the color that you'll see when applied on the skin. Amazingly pigmented, smooth, and blends easily. This palette is only P1100! Isn't it a great deal?

Visit their Facebook Fanpage to inquire and purchase.

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  1. I loove the colors... specially the last orangy-color! So nice n.n

  2. indeed very pigmented!! loves...=)

  3. love that shade too, i'm currently using it :)

  4. yup, check their facebook fanpage for more items :D

  5. so many colours!


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