As Pinksual!

12:28 PM

Me and big sister went to Breadtalk and bought slices of cakes before we go shopping :) It's Caketalk time!

Big sister ordered Pink Lady (which we weren't able to take a photo cause she ate it immediately) and I ordered for Mango Furomaji!

It's my second favorite next to Green Tea cake cause I love the thick cream on top. Same thing with Pink Lady too!

Since it was a shoot day and I need to feel comfy, I wore a lazy shirt with suspenders from Onion Laundry~ Pink bag and shoes were given as a gift by my sisters and it wasn't even my birthday. Sweet! :3

Pink is my favorite color, that I didn't notice I was already wearing pink from head to toe.

It's so comfy to wear~ I love the pink patent leather material and its lightweight wedges that made me look two inches taller.

So what do you think of my lazy outfit post?

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  1. fantastic sneakers! 

  2. Ohhh.. I like like ur bag so much.. pretty you :)
    New post is up dear <3LoveAkanksha