Cook in Style at CCA!!!

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It's officially summer and the classes are over. One of the most favorite summer classes here in the Philippines is - Cooking! Make it a fun way to focus on delicious healthful eating and fending in the kitchen. Moms and food lovers can also join too!

So last Saturday, I attended a cooking class titled Urbane Class Series at CCA (Center for Culinary Arts). It's one of the special classes being offered at CCA Podium - considered as as the country's first culinary school, market cafe, and events place in one chic location! I met our instructors for "Italian Flair", Chef Trisha Ocampo and Chef Davide Lombardi. They had a 3-hour cooking demonstration of mouth-watering authentic Italian dishes.

First, they taught us how to make a homemade pasta! From flour - to dough - then pasta! Chef told us that fresh pasta is easier to cook.

Here's the end result of the pasta:

Then they showed us how to make the authentic Panna Cotta del Piemonte. They used a stick of vanilla bean. Hmmmm... It's one of my favorite desserts!

Here's the chilled, softly set and creamy Italian pudding! Love the raspberry on top! It's silky-smooth, they slip down beautifully at the end of a meal. :>

Then chef taught us how to make Panzerotti alla Napoletana. It's the most famous Italian recipe aside from pasta and pizza. It is similar to our Empanada but personally I think Panzerotti is way way better! I also tried making my own Panzerotti in front of the class XD

Hahaha see? That's the reason why I only love eating and not cooking! Thanks Jeri for the video :) Look at the results after deep frying them:

Risotto Al Porcini

Scaloppine di Pollo alla Romana

Spigola alla Pugliese

And the hardest to cook - Taglierini a la Brucio

This is a lot fun for me! It's like watching a cooking show on TV but this time, it's live. I got introduced to different Italian recipes and tasted them as well! I enjoyed the class cause I learned a lot and gained ideas as well. I am excited to make my own recipe soon!

The Urbane Cooking Class series is a limited seat class. Registration is on the first come, first served basis. All courses are conducted at the CCA Culinary School and Market Cafe, at the 5th floor of Podium Mall, along ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Don't forget to like their Facebook Fanpage! For more info, please call CCA Podium t 509-3466 / 696-9083.


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  1. whee.. one of my dream to enroll on that shool...
    so envy on u..

  2. My friends love the Panna Cotta dessert! Do you still remember how to make it? Share mo naman so I can make one.. or in other words, I'll make an attempt at it! Lol!

  3. just mix whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla bean in a sauce pan with low heat then add 1 gelatin sheet. remove from heat when boiled and transfer in a container. chill it and put a fruit of your choice on top ;) 

  4. Wow! Is the 
    Taglierini a la Brucio, a pasta?

  5. Thanks Carizza!!! Will try to do this sa weekend siguro. =)

  6. Grabe! Ang sarap ng mga pictures mo. Haha!! 

  7. Why o why am I reading this now. The dishes looks appetizing! I want to try them all. 

  8. This is cool! Will check it out for sure :)

  9. Very refined naman ng rolling hihi.  I make panna cotta at home too since we love it to bits! Would love to try the Scallopine... :)

  10. those are very delectable preparations...

  11. I love to be part of this academy :) I wonder if they have one here in Cebu :/

  12. Wow! Another tasteful indulgence.... Cooking is a skill ut only few has the talent to do it creatively.

  13. I love eating but not cooking.. haha.. Given the chance, I'll take short courses though.. ^^

  14. My bf always tells me I should learn to cook na.  Mas magaling pa kasi siya sa akin magluto hehe.  You're so lucky to attend.  Siguro you learned a lot.  I hope I get a chance like that rin.  

  15. I want to go to culinary school or at least attend cooking lessons but I don't have the time as of now. :( The pasta looks  "al dente" and yummylicious.