I Love Sophie Paris!

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Sophie Paris opened its doors to the Philippine market in 2002 and wasted no time in establishing itself as a significant player in the country’s direct selling and multi level marketing industry as the best choice for quality fashion products. They have a wide selection of French-designed high end bags, watches, accessories and clothes for men and women, as well as an array of cosmetics, skin care and personal care lines that are undeniably of reasonable price and of high quality. 

There are 5 brands under Sophie Paris - SAS (“Son Altesse Sophie” or “Her Majesty Sophie”) for the collection of glamorous and sophisticated handbags and accessories, Sophie Martin Paris for classic and casual style to match your every outfit, B&G for teenagers and young adults, A.L.I.V.E. for men's clothes, bags and other accessories, and Sophie Beauty for their cosmetics and skin care collection.

Do you own a Sophie Paris? I recently got a few items from them and they're sooo chic!

Wearing Bounty blouse (Sophie Martin - P890), Neo Veia Bag (SAS - P1990), and Densey shoes (Sophie Martin - P1390).

I super love the bag! It is made of black leather line shoulder bag with big, knit-wrapped buckle accents ,  comprising of 1 main zip closure, 1 inner zip pocket, 1 front zip pocket, and a cellphone pocket inside. The best thing is that my SLR fits inside! Weee~

You are now my most favorite bag!

I also got a size 7 of Densey shoes. It's so chic yet comfy purple jelly wedge shoes that gives an instant 3.5” boost to your height, for a sexy touch to any outfit! It's my first time to wear jelly shoes without saying Ouch! Hope they could have more colors for this style!


You can start your own Sophie Paris Business by purchasing a starter kit for only P200.00

Starter Kit comes in a cute magenta bag with the following contents:
  • Membership Registration Form
  • Current Catalog
  • Membership Card
  • Member’s Manual
  • Sophie Solution QuickGuide
  • Sophie Paris Card Holder
  • Sophie Paris Door Banner
  • Welcome to Sophie Promo Flyer
Sophie Members are entitled to a different member privileges including discounts, bonuses, rebates and royalties, plus invitations to exclusive Sophie events and activities!

For further inquiries, call (02) 636-6603 or visit www.sophieparis.com.ph. 
Dont forget to like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sophieparisph
And follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/SophieParisPh

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  1. omgg those jelly heels are ADORABLE!!! 

  2. thanks!
    you look really great  :)

  3. I always see their store along EDSA and I've always been curious about them! Kaya lang, I never had the time to actually stop and look inside the store. I'll subscribe to them on Facebook so i can see their items :) Love your shoes by the way :P

  4. You look great! I had seen their store here in Davao. I'll stop by anytime soon.

  5. I love the Densey shoes and it's affordable ha!


  6. yup yup, preally retty and comfy too :) thanks!

  7. yup, you have to check all their products!

  8. So pretty naman... Is Sophie Paris, Sophie? may nakita kasi ako along edsa Shaw?

  9. yes it is! you may visit their branch there to take a look at their products. if you want to purchase and do not know any dealers, you may contact them at (02) 636-6603 
     to assist you. i personally dig their bags!

  10. I'm digging your Densey shoes!

  11. hmnn...thank you :)

  12. I love the shoes, but I am not a fan of the color purple... do they have red or yellow? :) The bag looks great, too.

  13. I used to buy Sophie Martin products from an old officemate. They're very fashionable!

  14. love your shoes. btw, does this work like a direct marketing company?  like you sell to people personally even without a boutique?

  15. yes it is :) there is a stall near my place at Diamond arcade cubao :)

  16. Hi guys!  You can check the Sophie Paris album of Chesky's Shop.  That's www.facebook.com/shop.chesky on Facebook.  You can find the latest items being offered there.  Of course, you can order from me.

  17. cute bag and purple jelly wedges!!! i see a huge sophie branch along edsa! :)

  18. O there ^ for those who would like to order online :D

  19. im not sure if they will sell out other colors for this style but they have a lot of nice pairs. check it out: 

  20. thanks! yup it's sophie's main branch!

  21. I love their lippies! And most of their tops too! <3

  22. Oh I am a Sophie fan! I have some of their collection like the Sophie Martin bag :-D I love to try the blouse you're wearing at the photo! So chic!

  23. yes, sophie martin bags are gorg and made of good quality. ive seen those at the store. this top is good for mix n match with my outfits!

  24. i wanna try their cosmetic line too!