Katy Perry Interview Magazine March 2012

Colourful and Fun - that would be the perfect words to describe Katy Perry as public image. And yet, Interview Magazine gets her as the cover for Interview Magazine being barely recognisable in monochrome with styling that might have been borrowed from the dressing room of Monica Belluci or some other Italianate beauty rather than from Perry’s own kaleidoscopic beauty kit.

Katy Perry by Mikael Jansson

The thick, dark brows, the exaggerated black eyeliner, and clothing that’s part flapper part showgirl all lend a look to Perry that we’ve never seen before. Just glamorous. Can't even believe this could happen. Seems Perry doesn’t need to be in a cute and colourful world to grab attention, after all. She looks so gorgeous on this editorial.

Katy Perry: Interview, March '12
Katy Perry: Interview, March '12
Katy Perry: Interview, March '12

Star: Katy Perry
Photographed by Mikael Jansson
Styled by Karl Templer


Tifa Mai said...

Love, love this spread!!! Katy is sooo amazing!! 

NaTT SS said...

I LOOOVE HER! She's amazing! *^* and a really big artist!

Carizza Chua said...

yes! and this editorial makes us love her more!

Carizza Chua said...

perfection :)