10:50 AM

A day without laughter is a day wasted, indeed. Really busy this week for work then suddenly, Rea Joyce Uy invited us on her birthday party. Happy happy birthday to our model and good friend Rea! It was so nice to see everyone again. So much laugh trip as usual.

And because you threw a party, this post is for you, Madam! Haha. She's a Pharmacist/Fashion Designer/Model/PR and Marketing Manager. All the highness! Haha! Have a blast~

I wore a leopard dress with furry shoulders and boots from Sparkle Shop. Tights from Leg Love by Kate Torralba. Accessories from Parfois and Girlshoppe.

With good friends HR Manager Jas, Next-Mean-Girl-Artist Carla, The Mean-Inside HR Deb, Make-Up Artist Beny and The Divine HR Ian

That was bitin! We need more chika and bonding time together but it was nice seeing you all last Saturday. Sinong oloswo~~

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  1. haha, pareho pa kami ni Deb ng posing! 

  2. you too look cute, you should do that often HAHA :)\  /(:

  3. omg~ ur dress is so cute~
    follow you~ xD

  4. i love ur dress! and it really looks good on you.

  5. I super love your outfit! Really edgy ;) Glad you guys had fun.. :D