Candy Gum Yum

8:33 AM

Top from Sparkle Shop, shorts from Landmark, connector ring from Forever21, pink belt from Small Sister, and white boots from Big Sister

I'm loving the soft pastel orange and green matched with bubblegum pink belt! It looks so yummy and sweet I wanna taste it. XD

These ankle-high wedge booties are my new pals.  LOL Free stuff from my sisters. I love being the youngest child! Hohoho~

My eyes look a bit different today. I used Etude House Look at My Eyes VanillaCream YL01 on the sides and blue eyeshadow on the corners too.

Not as happy as it looks like. I need a remote in my life. This day reminds me of the Paperbag Day. I hate it when someone just nag almost everything about me in public. Let's quickly flip the page, please!

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8 name tags

  1. cute and sweet outfit! reminds me of candies and bubblegum. heehee :D

  2. your curly hair and pastels are so cute! i think the shorts would look better if they were shorter though. still, cute ensemble~

  3. cute collection! 

  4. i love your ankle-high wedge!!! :)

  5. I love your shoes sis! I'd love to have a pair of those too to give something new in my already-dull-looking ensembles. Love colors of your outfit too! <3

  6. You look really cute! Love the hat!