For my Dear...

5:00 PM

No one's gonna harm you not while I'm around.

Last year, a dear friend from Arizona gave me a porcelain doll as a gift when she visited the Philippines. I'm a big girl now but I am still fascinated with them and I became a collector. Her name is Natasha S. Miller. A collector's doll by Bradley. She bought it from a thrift shop in Arizona, complete with certificate and tea set.

The certificate was dated December 25, 1983 (Christmas) and at the back there was a dedication - "From Grandpa (Gerald) & Granny (Kathryn) Garrison." This letter gave me goosies but I find it sweet and sincere at the same time.

Maybe, the owner grew up, on her late twenty's or thirty's now, had her own family or decided to move to another place, so she had to donate it to the thrift shop. I got a bit sad, Natasha had to be left behind for some reasons. It reminds me of the Toy Story movie.

Don't worry Natasha. I won't have a heart to throw you away. I'm your new momma now. I'll take care of you.

Photos by Carizza Chua and Eton de Guzman

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  1. I love dolls! I have one customized ragdoll given by a friend during my 18th birthday and 4 porcelain dolls :)) I'm planing on buying ball-jointed dolls but they're really expensive. Need to save up. I've been in love with dolls since I was in college. Dunno if it's weird or something xP

  2. i remember my childhood wit your cute dolls, i used to love porcelain dolls especially life size ones

  3. yeah i love life sized dolls too! thanks for dropping by :)

  4. hahaha it's weird but in a good way, right? i would love to collect more victorian dolls. im looking for 2nd hand dolls actually, love them more than the brand new one

  5. AWWWWWW!!! I actually buy old postcards with dedications at the back. It's like a connection with the past, like you were also there witnessing that event. :) Natasha is a beautiful girl. She's lucky to have you :D