Let's do the Swirl from Caronia!

1:12 PM

Hello again my readers! You think that plain colored nails are too boring for summer fun? Now, I've got my own Nail Swirls kit and I'm gonna share with you a cool nail art technique - the Caronia Nail Swirls!

On this technique, nail polish is not applied directly on your nails and you can wear two to five nail polishes at the same time! 

1. PICK - choose the nail polish colors you would like to use. I chose Black Velvet, Tahiti Brown, and Touch of Beige to achieve the Wild Safari combo.

Next, apply a White Satin nail polish on your nails as base. This would make the swirls appear brighter.

Apply petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails using a cooton bud. This will help you remove the excess nail polish later on :)

4. DROP - drop colors alternately in a bowl of water, creating a bull's eye effect!

Using a toothpick, SWIRL from the center going outwards or to your desired direction to achieve a good design.

5. DIP your fingers into the water to transfer the design to your nails.

Clean the excess nail polish using Caronia Nail Polish Remover. To add shine, apply Caronia Fast-dry Top Coat then add a drop of Caronia Kwik-dry and Cuticle Conditioner.

Here's the result!

Hohoho! I'm no expert when it comes to swirls but I guess I have a long way to go before I could perfect the Swirls! Please note that not all nail polish colors spread the same due to differences in colorant content affects viscosity and the way it spreads on water.

Try it! It's a new fun way of doing nail art and you might just get a chance to win cash, hottest gadgets, Caronia products and a magazine feature too by joining their contest! Promo runs until May 31, 2012. You still have more time to practice the swirls! Good luck!

For more info about Caronia Nail Swirls and the contest, visit and don't forget to LIKE their Facebook fanpage.

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  1. OMG! This is amazing! love the nails!! <3
    I thought it first looked messy but the outcome is FABULOUS! :D

  2. thanks rhea :) it looks messy at first but it's easy to peel off as long as you put petroleum jelly first before dipping your nails to the water ;)

  3. wow that's an interesting new concept for nails! the pic of your fingers being dipped into the water scared me initially, but luckily you removed the excess! it looks wonderful in the end :)

  4. Lol this is called water marbling xD I did this in the summer time with just normal polishes xD
    Yours turned out so cute! People put tape around the fingers except the nail so the polish wont get every where else but the nail.

  5. Cutie!! :) You think you need more practice but for your first time, it's actually not bad carizza! :)

    hearts,Melai of Style and Soul

  6. Amazing, love the affect! Am going to experiment with normal polish.. and probably get it wrong x


  7. Cute! I want to try this too even if I'm no good in applying nail polish. :)