One of the Barbaloots

10:12 AM

Dress with fur collar from Sparkle Shop, accessories from Forever 21, bag from Michael Kors, shoes from Hong Kong

I love the suede texture of this belt.

This bag has a lot of space for everything that I need like laptop, makeup kit, and planner. You can order authentic bags online from Cherryblue.

I've got a furry pair of shoes that's so comfy to wear. It has a 1.5 cm platform too to make me look a bit taller XD

I've been blogging for almost 2 years and I can't believe I haven't told you guys yet that I am so much into brown outfits and shoes. Haha. Though I'm a pink lover, I prefer clothes and shoes in brown or black. 

So how was your long weekend? I hope you had a meaningful and peaceful lent this year. Let's all get back to work!

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Happy Easter!

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11 name tags

  1. your photos look so nice dear!! you look like a fairy somewhere! nice editing! cute dress also! xx

  2. I love the shoes! Super cool fur details! :D Btw, I tagged you in my 45 beauty tag. :">

  3. Beautiful outfit! That dress is so pretty!!!!

    - Josie ::

  4. Nice outfit :)

    I also love brown color

  5. yes haven't checked blogs yet through laptop. ill check it out on my wall later :>

  6. your style is too cute!!

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