Papparoni's Gourmet Pizza & Pasta

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Last month, we went to Papparoni's Gourmet Pizza, Pasta and More at Timog Ave. to use our precious voucher and found out that they were still closed 'cause they ran out of stock. Wow, time and effort wasted. What's the use of slot reservation? We came all the way from our house just to find out they're closed. So we dined at Nomama (which was perfect btw), just beside it, instead.

We gave Papparoni's another chance and went back few weeks ago. Fortunately, they were open! We got really excited to try their gourmet food - hey wait, with all lights off? I think the owner had an Earth Hour hangover.

Good thing, the sun was too kind to lend us some sunlight from outside.  We ordered Papparoni's Cheese Platter (P240) for our appetizer. It was served after around 15 minutes of waiting. Maybe not all the ingredients were available, so one staff had a trip to the market first before it got served.

It has assorted cheese (really? I can only see 2 kinds of cheese) served with Salami and crackers. It was served plain and simple but I liked it. I'm actually craving for it right now.

Next is Pasta Blanca (P175). It's Papparoni's version of Alfredo cream sauce with shrimps. Simple ingredients but it was pretty good.

Then we tried Pesci de Mare (P180). It is a pan-seared fillet of fish in cream and cognac sauce. Served with rice. It could have been good if the cream & cognac sauce was there. I think it was unavailable. They were offering ketchup instead. :l

We also ordered Papparoni's Special Pizza (P380)! A healthy pizza with shrimps in Saluyot, malunggay, pesto base and mozarella, topped with kesong puti.

Lastly, we had Premium Rib Eye (P420). It was a tender choice of imported steak in creamy gravy sauce served with mushroom siding. That was expensive.

I feel bad for this restaurant because the staff were really nice. They even made "abono" when some of the ingredients were not available just to satisfy the customers. Man, the owner should have prepared petty cash for those kind of expenses. Poor management. We just used the voucher but we would not go back here for sure.

Visit their Facebook fanpage for more info.

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  1. Groupon said they are closing already and we should use our vouchers before the month ends..

  2. yikes! really? make sure you dont go there in the afternoon. they expect customers ata by dinner time..