Saizen Shopping Spree with the girls!

11:31 AM

It was raining hard last Saturday and I was worried that the scheduled event might just be cancelled but the three gorgeous winners of my Saizen Shopping Spree promo were all present at Saizen Robinsons Galleria that day!

The Awarding of Prizes

Here's Berylle (1st prize winner), Krischia (2nd prize winner), and Liz (3rd prize winner) with their gift certificates as awarded by Store Supervisors Arthur and Aileen:

From left: Berylle, Krischia, and Liz

Shopping Spree

Yay! Without further ado, we started shopping inside the store! 準備はいい? (Ready?)

Berylle and Denby smiled at the camera before hoarding Saizen products!

Everyone started with the Food section~ We love Japanese food and got curious about their snacks. Good thing the Saizen staff was really nice to assist us when we ask about their products.

The girls checking out the cookie and sponge cake powders

Here's Liz grabbing Meiji chocolates from BUY ANY 2 at P85

And Almond Arare Mix for Berylle :)

Then we moved to the Kitchen section where you could find all kinds of 可愛い (cute) bento boxes!

It's really hard to decide which one to pick! Then we checked out their cute storage boxes. They have small cases for accessories and repair tools, food containers in different sizes, and trash bins in assorted colors!

Saizen also have some cute stuff for interior~ Krischia was thinking which Kimono girl she should get.

These girls really love beauty products from Saizen :)

And Fashion section of course! We love their scaves, bags, and pretty socks!

Liz with her Saizen Summer hat!

Face check: Just checking if I already look haggard

Check out time!

Thank you so much Saizen! All went home happy with their Saizen hauls!!!

Hope you guys could visit Saizen at these branches soon:

Robinsons Galleria • Ali Mall • Mall TriNoma • Pavilion Mall and Robinsons Abreeza Mall (Davao) • Market! Market! (BGC) • Robinsons Place Manila

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  1. My goodness... I MISS DOING THIS! 
    garrrr look at all those goodies hahaha!

  2. It was fun shopping with you! :) Thank you again to you and Saizen for making this possible! :)

  3. Wow! never thought they have a huge store! Now I want to go.

  4. im so happy they all had fun, go back here na so we could go shopping at Saizen :)

  5. yes, their branch at rob galleria is extremely big. so many items to choose from. :)

  6. thank you too berylle for making it last sat. enjoy your saizen goodies!

  7. Wow! This seemed so fun! :D I love shopping at Saizen though my pocket always becomes unhappy.. :D Will have to visit Saizen really soon to get some Japanese snacks and Meiji chocolates too! :D

  8. wow! that is so much... i love buying at saisen, there's allot of cute stuff...

  9. Lovely post!

    You've got a great blog, I'm following it now. Glad I found it :)
    Follow me back? 

  10. Thank you!!! Omg hehe di halatang super happy ko? :p Dami ko babalikan :o Thanks again Saizen and Carizza~! <3