Schwarzkopf FLUX Collection

6:25 PM

Here are some of the close up shots from Schwarzkopf event last week when they launched FLUX Collection at the Rockwell Tent. Essential Looks FLUX Collection 1: 2012 is presented in four moods:

Photo by Ryan Ong


Photos by Ginggoy Lotho

The Dark Angel woman inhabits the most exclusive restaurants and the coolest clubs. Her wardrobe is a lesson in refined sensuality with Dolce & Gabbana’s sultry corsetry and Louis Vuitton’s expensive, exquisite lace dresses. Her outfits skim every curve, but never reveal too much. Sultry, sensual, hypnotic, exotic, this trend appeals to women whose innate confidence and powerful good looks combine to give them a magnetic appeal. Her smouldering sensuality is echoed in her luxe, lustrous, lavish hair. Peek a boo fringes and rich ultra natural colour only increase her coquettish allure.

Photo by Ryan Ong

ESSENTIAL Elements: Sensuous, sultry, smouldering.  Flirty fringes, captivating curves and cool confidence. Colour gleams as if candle lit, clothes mix an air of restraint with an underbelly of sexual tension and hair is truly touchable.


Photos by Ginggoy Lotho

The Sports Junkie woman celebrates her body, its power, its precision, and its passion. Her clothes are designed to fit and flatter and showcase her perfect form. She embraces fashion, but craves the easy, off duty, utilitarian feel of Alexander Wang and Rag and Bone. Sportswear was the biggest trend to emerge from New York this season with mesh paneling, hoodies, nylon straps and baseball caps seen everywhere. Clean lines, neon colours and hi tech fabrics ruled and represented a new emerging breed of hip adrenalin junkies who crave the ultimate endorphin rush. EL Stylists seized this feeling and created clean, powerful and minimalist looks that simmered with vitality. Clever styles with ability to shape shift were key, as was a deceptively simple polish.  

ESSENTIAL Elements: Slicked back and pared down.  Honed perfection in hi-tech fabrics and eye-catching colour. Neoprene, oodies, element defying wear in sleek, chic shapes. Hair is modern minimalist meets low-key luxe. 


The Hip Opulant woman lives by the maxim ‘you get enough sleep when you’re dead.’ She likes to party – hard. She favours opulent, statement clothes that ensure a place on the best guest lists. Think Giambattista Valli’s marabou jackets and zebra prints. They live life hard and fast and want to see and be seen. Their wardrobe reflects their love of glamour with high-octane show stopping looks that mix wild prints with eye-popping colour and a dash of sparkle. But just as modern shapes stop these pieces looking too trashy or flashy, the sharp, clean, cuts stop screen siren blonde and decadent golden reds from looking too obvious. Glamour and versatility is key, but it’s the all-important edge that is truly essential.

ESSENTIAL Elements: Fast living, hard partying pleasure seekers. Fashion addicts who like to see and be seen. Think look-at-me colour mashed up with ultra flattering cuts for maximum impact.


Photos by Ginggoy Lotho

The Cool Hunter woman is an entrepreneurial revolutionary, travelling the globe in search of the next big thing. She has an uncanny ability to tune into the zeitgeist and is not afraid to embrace change. The ultimate 21st century tribe, these women have torn up the rulebook and shunned the conventional 9-5.  Their nomadic spirit means they hunt out authenticity, crave personalisation and are lured by diverse cultural looks. They love Burberry’s S/S handcrafted looks and Marni’s breathtaking beading. Harnessing this brave new energy, stylists translated the trend into cuts that were rich in cultural references and boundary pushing attitude. From sleek precision bobs to attitudinal feather cuts and bold statement colour, it all displays the Cool Hunters fierce passion for fashion.

ESSENTIAL Elements: Boundary pushing, convention eschewing global nomads, they crave handcrafted, beautifully beaded pieces in bright patterns with standout prints. This fearless fashion sense translates to hair with bold colour showcasing sleek precision cuts.  

Schwarzkopf Professional is focused on bringing fresh seasonal ideas and energy to commercial salon work and giving salons all the tools they need to translate that into wantable, wearable styles for their clients. The creative minds behind Essential Looks give salon hairdressers a window on the world of catwalk fashion and an ‘access all areas’ pass to what’s truly hot in hair. So what's your favorite hairstyle from this collection?

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  1. I know I'm supposed to be looking at the hair but instead, I find myself drawn to the beautiful clothes they're wearing! Man, Ivan Dorschner is hot! mmmhmm :D

  2. I love the pieces and the models' hair styles! :) Looks like a great show. 

    hearts,Melai of Style and Soul