See you soon!

5:58 PM

Looks like a goodbye photo for me. Lol I'm not even going anywhere. Taken by Keigh Jalbuena when we went together at an event last week. Thanks dear for this photo :)

Wearing a black maxi dress from my sister in law, green blazer from my small sister's closet, chain belt from my closet and Parisian sandals.

This pair from Parisian is one of my best friends. I could stand long hours when I wore them.

Just one more week before May. Whew~ Time flies so fast. I still need to work and beat the dealine this week at Siamese. Hope everything would work out well. Please pray for me. :)

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  1. The black maxi looks beautiful!
    And your hair is such a pretty ombre <3

  2. i am into maxi dresses too, i like your black maxi dress, i just wish you had taken a picture without the blazer, as i see it it will look more beautiful on you without the blazer :)