Summer Food Trip: Capricciosa and Gelatone~

6:00 AM

I'm so sorry guys, this is a super late post. We welcomed Summer this year with some deli pasta from Capricciosa Ristorante Italiano and Gelato overload, located at Greenbelt 3!

It was 3pm in the afternoon, and the place was empty and peaceful. Yes, it's a late lunch once again. The interiors are quite homey and they even have an lcd tv so we were able to watch at Star Movies.

Pasta was cooked as ordered. We had Spicy Seafood Linguine (P195). It's a mix of shrimp, mussels, and squid, sauteed in garlic and cream sauce, served over linguined pasta. We also tried their Spaghetti in clam broth (P195), which is Capricciosa's original dish. Fresh clams sauteed with sliced garlic and cooked in clam broth. I love it! I want to make one myself but I'm not really blessed with chef skills. XD

Then just a few walks away, we found Gelatone! It was really hot that afternoon and it's a perfect time for something sweet and cold.

You could see the different flavors outside the store! Yummy! Weee~~ I'm so excited!

Here's what we ordered: A rose glass of Gelato!

Amaretto (Liquor with Almond), Pannacotta (Vanilla), Puffo Rosa (Bubble Gum), and Fragoline (Strawberry) with 2 chocolate sticks

I'm so happy it's sooo pink! I fell in love with it!

Gelato never disappoints. We'd go back here for sure!

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  1. Uwaa Gelatone is my favorite gelato place in the PH :) their stores looks diff from the last time ive been there hehe.. yum yum.. The owner was so nice as well.. Puffo was my favorite but they didnt had any the day i came and all of a sudden she started making some for me and my sister hehe and and it was for free XD..

  2. All those seafood --- I LOVE!!!! They surely didn't scrimp on the seafood. That spaghetti clam broth looks so appetizing. Pasta and soup in one with all those clams. I can almost taste it! hehehe What a huge order of gelato! I wonder if i can finish that. :)

  3. yes it's a pasta and soup in one! hahaha

  4. cool! pasta in a soup! :) Never tried one before.. :) Btw, that Gelato is really huge! :)

  5. i haven't heard of this resto yet! thanks for sharing ;)