A Tour at Saizen Daiso

6:43 PM

Hello~ I recently visited Saizen Daiso at Robinsons Galleria to tour you around on their amazing Japanese products. Saizen (Daiso in Japan) is a popular Japanese Hyakuen store that sells everything here in the Philippines at P85 - no matter how big or small the product is.

I know everyone's favorite would be the Stationery section cause they have all these kawaii notebooks, sketchpads, and different kinds of erasers. I always visit the Pet Section too for the Silver Vine powder that Angel recommended for my cats.

Take a look at their cute and colorful trash bins and tissue holders. They also have them in big sizes. I can't decide which one to pick cause they all look great together! But I ended up getting the sleek black design hahaha.

Freezer bags and food wraps everywhere! We need this at the kitchen for sure.

Fun plates and mugs for kids

My most favorite part - FOOD SECTION! From their canned goods that you'll find unusual (boiled egg in can!), rice protector, sponge cake powders, bottled drinks, assorted candies and snacks - this place is Japanese Kingdom!

As a beauty/fashion blogger, the cosmetic section is also my favorite too! I found an affordable Hanataka powder (Nose Highlighter Powder that sells P150 on other shops), lip glosses, concealers, mascaras, hand creams, beauty supplements, and even charcoal products! The charcoal mask is the best deal cause I saw it online for P250. Now you'll find everything here at Saizen for only P85!

Find different scarves and bag designs here at the Fashion Section. They also have high quality leather belts too! You could also find straw hats here that you could take to the beach this summer~

High quality cooking utensils and other home interior. Definitely a steal! I would like to grab some for our rest house in Rizal.

Gardening tools for Rizal too. I was thinking how many plastic fence should I get for our garden? Mom would love it for sure :) We dont want another goat visiting the garden XD


We're done! Shopping at Saizen store is really addicting. I ended up getting stuff I dont really need. Haha. They're too cute to leave behind! I hope you could drop by at Saizen store too soon and make your daily shopping an adventure!

Visit their branches near you:

Robinsons Galleria • Ali Mall • TriNoma • Pavilion Mall and Robinsons Abreeza Mall (Davao) • Market! Market! (BGC) • Robinsons Place Manila

For inquiries, visit their fanpage on Facebook.

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  1. i need to visit them...mukhang marami bago stocks

  2. hahaha have you tried the green tea cookies? the best yun but sadly not available right now at rob galleria. got it from ali mall~

  3. I love Saizen! <3 I need to buy silver vine soon! And the charcoal mask! Blackheads season na kasi lol!

  4. will do a review about their charcoal products soon!

  5. i love saizen affordable goodies

  6. i love saizen too ♥♥♥

  7. titanium necklace and germanium bracelets are the best accessories at saizen :D