What's on my table? Colour Collection Cosmetic

1:30 PM

New cosmetic finds this month - Colour Collection! I was lucky to score this BB cream and lipstick during an event.

Colour Collection Gluta-WHitening BB Cream (P379) is a very good makeup base or a substitute to foundation with SPF27. It gives a natural coverage and very affordable too. The shade is good for the Filipina skin, unlike other Asian BB Creams that ends up super light on the face.

It gives a sheer finish, very light and non greasy. It controls oil and it does not contain shimmers. Yay I love this product~

Colour Collection Moisture Intense Lipstick in Paradise Pink (Around P350.00) is such a lovely hot pink shade. It dries to a satiny finish without compromising color. It also keeps your lips from over drying due to the hot and humid weather. Plus, it has SPF15 too! 

It could last up to 5 hours and it contains up to 5x more moisturizers than regular lipsticks that keeps lips hydrated, conditioned, and supple. One application is already good but for more intense color, glide it twice on your lips!

Here's the result:

I only applied light BB Cream on my face and small dabs of lipstick since it was really hot that afternoon and I wanted to achieve a sweet look.

I wanna get more products from Colour Collection soon. Good thing, my mom's friend is a Tupperware dealer :D Have you tried their cosmetics? What do you think of their collection?

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  1. Wow, I wonder, is this BB Cream better than the Maybelline Brand? I currently use Maybelline, I'm running out and the stores here have run out too, so I am at a dilemma. :P Will try this if I come across it. :D

    I love the hot pink lipstick, although I don't think I'll be able to pull it off, it looks good on you though.. :D

  2. imo, this is better than maybelline. this one blends better on my skin :)

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  4. i don't like Maybelline BB cream. is this better than Etude Magic BB cream?

  5. Hi there!  I am a Tupperware Brands dealer.  You can check www.facebook.com/shop.chesky for the latest Colour Collection offers.  You may text me at 09054216212

  6. The BBC Cream surely does wonder to one's skin which is conspicuous on the before and after hand photo.  I'm not knowledgeable with cosmetics though and found this info interesting. Thanks for sharing this entry :) Would you like to link exchange? Farida :)


  7. The lipstick looks promising! Might get one soon! I love pink lippies!