What's on my table? Saizen Nose Shadow

4:28 PM

Nose Shadow From Saizen

Had another trip to Saizen Daiso Japan, Robinsons Galleria branch and grabbed this Nose Shadow from their Cosmetics section. It is use to contour the face particularly on the nose area. Definitely a Saizen must-have!

Would you believe this product is only P85? I'm sure you'll go gaga over Japanese cosmetics at Saizen. There are a lot of affordable cosmetics to try!

I have a slightly round face which makes me look fat especially when looking straight to the camera so I have to do the contouring tricks!

After applying foundation, your face would normally look flat. I apply the brown shade on this Nose Shadow from the sides of my forehead. cheekbones, and the sides of my nose. Then I use the white shade for my nose line, corners/sides of my eyes, and chin too! Don't apply too much so it would still look natural ;)

Chea~ Hope you like it!

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  1. I've been buying bento-making stuff in Saizen but haven't tried their makeup yet. Masubukan nga soon ;)

  2. That's really affordable! 
    I'll go grab some. =))

  3. I love that it's so sheer! Nice!

  4. *O* Would never expect that this would look natural! Niceeee :>