The White Hat "Waffle" Challenge

Me and boyfriend went to SM North EDSA Annex for The White Hat Waffle Challenge! Lol yeah, they have a CUP Challenge contest running right now but since I am not prepared to accept it yet, we chose make our own challenge - finishing the whole White Hat waffle!

We ordered The Strawberry Dream and The Peach-Berry Picnic. 

It was really good even without pouring honey on top of it!

Berry yummy! Those are my most favorite among the seven waffles that they have. You could also try The Peanut Butter Ball, The Fruit Basket, The Hazelnut Parade, The Banana Island, and The Apple Tree waffle.

And of course, I'm the challenge winner! I was able to finish the whole waffle all by my self! Hohoho >:o

Going back to the real CUP Challenge, visit The White Hat store near you and join the contest. All you have to do is stack up as many cups as you can within 60 seconds. Dont forget to start the video with this line: “Hi Andi and Jessica, I’m [YOUR NAME], and I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!”. Watch the video below to see Ms. Nikki's practice video:

Shout the total number of cups at the end of the video then send your entry to

I was wearing a girly girly outfit that time so I wasn't able to try it. I should go back there in my most comfortable shirt and jeans!

The winner will receive an awesome EAT ALL YOU CAN YOGURT PARTY with 5 of your friends plus Andi and Jessica! So head out to any of The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt stores nationwide and accept the challenge now!

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  1. LoL! cute challenge! and how come you beat your bf? hahahaha! that must be 2 against 1? Sounds like fun, I might as well do that with my huuby :P. 

  2. hahhaa hey i didnt cheat! XD you should try the white hat cup challenge for an eat all you can yogurt party!!

  3. eyy, looks so yummy, my kids' favorite look so pretty by the way...always so lovely to look at!

  4. Before I comment on the waffle, let me just say that you look soooo cute!!!! I love your hair like that. Are you wearing extensions? :D Anyway, I think I can finish a waffle by myself too but I don't think I can win the challenge! hahahaha I'm not a fan of yogurt and I'll feel soo bad eating too much :D

  5. hihi thanks yes, extensions. you should try this one then request to separate the froyo. ill help you finish it hohoho

  6. How I wished I can avail it. hahaha.. oh well, not my luck coz in the first place i live in cebu and second im about to deliver my son in the month of may. hahha. good luck to those who will join and of course to you, if ever you'll be joining! ;)

  7. wow congrats! youll have a new baby soon!

  8. Great challenge. For sure the winner will join the yogurt party. :)

  9. I haven't been to White Hat in a while, but I'll pay a visit soon to try their waffles.. <3 I don't think I'll join the Cup Challenge though 'cause I'm not a talented cup stacker.. haha.. Maybe the bf and I can also just make our own challenge.. XD

  10. I'm scared of eating challenges. XD
    Your hair looks sooo perfect BTW. :D

  11. haha yeah.. :D another baby, another obligation yet blessing. ;) hehehhe thanks Ms Car! :)





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