The Wild Side

9:43 AM

Wearing Animal Printed Maxi Dress and belt from Sparkle Shop, accessories from Girl Shoppe, and shoes from Hong Kong.

Yay, I love bringing one piece dresses with me whenever I sleep over somewhere else. It saves baggage space and it looks gorg when worn as well. I was lucky since casual outfits are not allowed inside the hotel restaurant. I wasn't overdressed that day. Hoho.

Matching cheetah printed shoes~ It was a bit old but can't let go of that pair yet!

I wasn't able to bring different accessories for options so I just trusted my key connector ring and bangle to carry the whole look.

Btw, I would like to congratulate the winners of my Etude Playhouse Pink Fair ticket giveaway: Czarina Ong, Katrina Duguran, and Janine Monasterial. See you girls on Saturday! Let's all have some royal fun~

I'd be going to Sunday's event as well to meet up with the rest of my friends. Yay! Who's going this weekend?

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  1. Totally digging that connector ring! And your makeup is simply elegant. :)

  2. You look amazing here Cariza! :)

    hearts,Melai of Style and Soul

  3. francesca romana capizziApril 19, 2012 at 12:37 AM

    Tht dress is gorgeous! nad I love the key ring!!!

    Don't Call
    Me Fashion Blogger



  4. yetanotherlatebloomerApril 19, 2012 at 1:23 AM

    Love the outfit on you. :) And yes, I agree with bringing dresses when you're sleeping over somewhere. It's very convenient. I did that when I traveled earlier this year.  Now I know how some girls get away with only having one not so big carry-on even if they're out of the country or out of town for a few days.XD

  5. I love your outfit, animal print, looks like this is a new trend now

  6. carizza thanks again for the tickets!! had fun :) by the way i love the key connector ring!!! :)