You need a Carmex!

12:09 AM

This is not good! My lips are drying due to hot summer days. Yeah, my skin is protected with SPF but I also need some protection for my lips. Something that has moisturising power and SPF. Good thing, I've found Carmex, and I must say - it's now my favorite lip balm!

It's unique formula of Carmex lip balms helps to soothe, moisturise, and relieve dry, chapped lips caused by environmental factors - resulting in soft, healthy looking lips. Available in Squeeze Tube (P109.75), Original Jar (P99.75), and Click Stick (P99.75).

No color, no scent. Good for men and women! Simply apply the product liberally and evenly as often as necessary, and before exposure to sun, wind or cold. You'd feel your lips instantly soft and moisturized!

It is not too sticky, has SPF 15 and you'd feel a cool menthol sensation after application. It has a very compact packaging, you'd be able to bring it with you anywhere.

Happy Lips all the time :)

How about you? Do you use lip balms for your lips? Try Carmex lip balm for yourself and experience why this award-winning lip balm is a favourite of celebrities, and makeup artists all over the world!

Available at all Robinson's Department Stores, PCX stores, first Aid in Greenbelt, Shopwise Supermarkets, Rustan's Supermarkets, Suesh Greenhills, Pure Beauty Serendra. Visit their fanpage for more info.

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  1. Thanks for your cute comment! I use lipbalm for my lips but not carmex. But I have heard  a lot of good things about it! Thank god I don't have dry lips regulary :)

  2. I use the Snoe Beso Balm and at night an EOS lip balm. I've heard good reviews about Carmex but haven't really tried. I guess once I emptied my balms, that's when I'd buy new ones :P

  3. wee gotta try this. i'm still using my maybelline lip balm :)

  4. yes you should, it's so cool on lips and really effective!