4U2 Body Language

I know everyone desires baby soft skin. Nobody would want to look older, I'm sure! But does achieving soft skin really takes some effort?

Many people wouldn't believe my real age. Many would thought that only on my teens. I'm taking that as a compliment haha! I've recently discovered products formulated for sensitive skin and hair for a soft and silky smooth feel.  It's the new 4U2 Mild and Gentle Body Language! Read on about it and learn my tips on how to get baby soft skin:

4U2 Body Language
Mild and Gentle

Avail 4U2 Mild and Gentle Body Language set for only P514.00

1. Use a creamy, moisturizing shower cleanser when showering. I recommend 4U2 Mild and Gentle Body Language Shower Cream for sensitive skin. Avoid rubbing your skin with a towel after bath cause it might cause some irritation.

2. A lot of shampoos are too harsh for our hair and dries out the scalp. Or worse, gives us dandruff. Give your hair a break and use 4U2 Mild and Gentle Body Language 2in1 Shampoo instead. It leaves hair with a shiny glow and soft manageable feel.

3. While your skin is still slightly wet, apply 4U2 Mild and Gentle Body Language Body Lotion to lock in moisture.

4. Avoid too much sun exposure and of course, drink plenty of water everyday!

Just remember, baby soft skin is the result of skin that is well moisturized, exfoliated and nourished. See? Not all baby products are just for babies! Start now and take care of your skin. Enjoy 4U2 Mild and Gentle's baby scent and achieve the baby soft skin at home that fits in your budget!

Visit 4U2 official fanpage and learn more about their products! Follow them on Twitter @4U2CosmeticsPH for more exciting updates!!!

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  1. Love the tips! Look forever young dear! :D

  2. thanks nin! hope you could drop by here: 
    http://carizzachua.blogspot.com/2012/04/i-dream-to-be-at-beach-with-snoe_30.html and leave a comment too ;)

  3. Now I'm curious about your age! hahaha You're right. You look like you're still in your teens! hahahaha :D Didn't know 4U2 also sells shower gels and shampoos. Only saw makeup at their counters :)

  4. hahaha! it's 4u2's new product line~ they have mixed berries and milk honey variants too!

  5. It's the first time I've heard of this brand and it looks very interesting! Unfortunately 2-in-1 shampoos are not enough for my overprocessed hair... 

  6. they sell cosmetics too! visit them at watsons and sm department stores! :D sila din owner ng Dreamgirl~

  7. so if i use this i'll look and feel as young as you?? haha joke! but hey you look really young dear!! :D:D 

  8. hahaha pwede rin! joke XD but mild products tlga nakakayoung effect. thanks for the comment :D





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