Asprey Blogger's Night

3:29 PM

Asprey, the leading fashion watch strap company here in the Philippines, threw a blogger's night out party last May 17 at the Scarlet Wine Lounge. It was a blast! 

Asprey introduced their brand ambassadors too and showcased different cool straps.

Asprey’s brand ambassadors were also introduced that night: Bloggers David Guison of DG Manila, Lissa Kahayon of, College Jock and Model Victor Pring, Myx Vjs Joyce and Mike Advincula and Kato Chua of Moonshine Garb.

Everyone was encouraged to bring their old watches for a makeover and have the straps replaced with new and fresher Asprey watch straps!

brand new genuine leather textures strap baby~

white patent leather for my Hello Kitty watch

Thank you Asprey for the new straps! We love it!

Stylish attendees also participated in an online popularity game. Guests took their photos and uploaded it in Asprey’s facebook fan page. Six photos with the most number of likes were awarded with watches from Timestudio and a set of watchstraps from Asprey.

Met lovely co-cbloggers at the event too:

Earth Rullan still looking fresh after a video shoot and Gelo with his awesome accessories as always.

Paul the PR Guy! Thanks for taking our photo ha!

Carizza and Eton de Guzman of Siamese Design Studio

Rovie and her friend Raiza (hope I spelled your name right!)

With brand ambassadors David Guison and my all time favorite, Lissa Kahayon!

With Asprey seatmates Sarah Tirona, Ana Gonzales, and Vern Enciso.

It's was a night of food and overflowing drinks for everyone. Thank you so much Justin Breathes, Cindy and Ed! Congrats Asprey!

For more info about Asprey, please visit their official website:

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10 name tags

  1. You look so cute Carizza! Are you wearing hair extensions? :D I want the straps but I don't have a watch naman! HAHAHAAAHAHAH I want to wear the straps as accessories :D 

  2. Oh... so that's what Asprey is! XD

  3. Carizza mukha kang doll! :D Mukhang fun yung event, but like Mich, I have no watch to replace the straps with. Haha :)

  4. thanks girl, they actually gave us straps that we used as an arm band that night :)

  5. haha i didnt know before that it's the watch strap store at gateway too!

  6. thanks helen! luckily I have one then I used the other coupon for Eton's watch ;)

  7. nice to see you there carizza!! you look so pretty!! :D til next event!
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. love that white strap hello kitty watch

  9. i want that hello kitty watch :) kainggit!