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It seems like everyone is in a rush and stressed in this fast paced world. Not everyone can spend an hour or two to relax and chill for a while. Bioessence, one of the pioneers in the health and wellness industry in the Philippines, found a way to give us "BB Time" (Beauty Break) to de-stress, rejuvenate, refresh from life's daily routine. It's their latest campaign to assure everyone their much deserve pampering. You'll not only be able to save time, but you can reduce stress levels so you can better focus on the more important things. 

a photo before going out of the house

I think this is perfect for someone like me, who doesn't even have the time to look into the mirror during working hours. I want "me time"! So last Tuesday, I went to Bioessence West Ave. branch to attend the said Beauty Break event. Thanks to Krish for giving me directions, I did not get lost XD and especially to Vance of course :)

I've received a warm welcome from the staff as I entered the spa. After my registration, Cassandra, one of their friendly staff, toured me around the maze, I mean the spa. LOL cause the place was really huge and I got confused with all the rooms.

You can actually change the lighting to your preferred color. They have red, yellow and blue which can relax one's mood. They also have separate rooms for men and women, and executive rooms if you  wish some privacy with friends or your partner.

Ms. Cha, the assistant training manager of Bioessence, had a small talk with the bloggers about stress management briefing

Met new friends and bloggers!

with Sofie and Krissy!

with Jen and Kai

They offered us Beauty Break facial treatment, foot reflex, hand paraffin, and back massage. I actually didn't plan to get the facial cause I am really scared of pricking but then Ms. Cha encouraged me to try it. I was lucky cause Gemma, who handled me, was extra careful but of course breakouts are really painful. She stopped treating my pimples when I said I can't take it anymore. Low pain tolerance XD She applied AB Lotion on the affected areas and moisturizer on my entire face.

It's been 3 days since I got the treatment and fortunately, there are no pimples attacking my face right now for their revenge. I think I should go buy that AB Lotion on my next visit.

Then I was luckily picked in a raffle and won an Oxygen facial cleanser. Woooohh~~

After that, we also tried their Hand Paraffin Wax. It is used to lock in moisture. I was the first one to try it and the temperature was still hot. Ouch! But I have to be brave for soft and supple hands! LOL

 So there I dipped my hands four times with all might to build up several wax layers. Then the staff wrapped my hands with a plastic wrap and placed it in the microwave. Kidding! It was then peeled off after 15-20 minutes.

Overall, it was a wonderful and stress-relieving experience. I'm so happy and will definitely go back to Bioessence for more Beauty Break! Thank you so much Ms. Anj and the rest of Bioessence team! We all definitely enjoyed!

Ms. Anj and the no makeup me LOL

more no make look with new friends/bloggers Kath and Ness

No plans for Mother's Day yet? Bring your mom to Bioessence and give her the pampering that she deserves. You can also give this Beauty Kit to her as a gift. Grab it for only P790!

Bioessence not only wants you to be beautiful, it also aims to make you a successful entrepreneur through its FRANCHISE offers. Presently Bioessence has nine franchised outlets – SM Megamall, SM Fairview, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, SM Tayaty, SM Pampanga, SM Baguio, Zamboaga City, and Cotabato City. Seven FacialPlus franchisees in Las Piñas, Cubao, Retiro, Fairview, Naga, Legaspi, and Roxas City plus two Suay Thai Traditional Thai massage in Caloocan and Las Piñas.

For bookings and more information, please visit or LIKE them on Facebook!

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  1. wonderful "me time"! i want!!! i think  i needed facials + diamond peel. my acne's getting worse:) too bad there hasn't been bioessence branch here in or city. 
    btw, i love ur top.cute neckline and polka-dotted accessory to go.

  2. Sarap ng pampering! (Except for the pricking part) :D

  3. You look so pretty even without makeup! You're skin's so clear kasi! :) Hehehe I need a beauty break! SWEAR!!! So tired and stressed!

  4. i have breakouts on my forehead :c i think shampoo's the culprit. go ahead and pamper yourself this weekend with your mom ;)

  5. You still look pretty without makeup sis! ;) It's been a while since I've had a facial.. haha.. I badly need one! Will make sure to destress at Bioessence when I get the chance.. ^^